'Stop with that!' : Julie Pietri, annoyed, pushes a rant …

Julie Pietri does not mince words. Invited to the program 'You are great' on France 3, she had the opportunity to speak on a subject that annoys her deeply...

"Arrêtez avec ça !" : Julie Pietri, agacée, pousse un coup de gueule...

The interpreter of Eve, get up and of cupcake was a key artist of the 80s. Who hasn't hummed one of her hits from that era? After a break in the 90s caring for her daughter, Julie Pietri made a remarkable comeback in the media in the 2000s. Since then, the 67-year-old singer has been a regular guest on television sets as an 80s star. However, she has moved on and wishes we would stop to associate it only with this period. There are even songs like mad lovers in duet with Herbert Léonard whose lyrics, a little insipid, irritate him copiously. And this is not the only theme that exasperates him. Guest on the set of the show You are amazing , on France 3, Julie Pietri does not mince words and does not hesitate to take a famous singer as an example.

Julie Pietri, annoyed by the reflections made to women about their age

While presenter Virginie Demange asks Julie Pietri about the subject of youth , the artist explains that she is often shocked when people send her this type of message on social media: ' How beautiful are you for your age '. She adds, a bit irritated: ' But that's not a quality for age! I like it when people say you are beautiful with your creations, with what you sing '. Then she quotes Julien Clerc whom she loves very much and who is older than her: ' I have rarely heard in an interview: Julien Clerc, you are very good for your age (...) We are not allowed to talk to women like that, it's youthism '.

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Julie Pietri: her daughter is her spitting image

His daughter, Manon, is just 30 years old and she looks just like her famous mother. Julie Pietri regularly posts photos of her daughter on Instagram and takes the opportunity to show her all the love she has for her: ' My beloved MANON, and here you are 30 years old today (which seems incredible to me as time flies), you have turned a new page in your life, you are flourishing, you work with passion and you even participated actively on my new album I'm incredibly lucky to have you near me….. or rather never far '.

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But Julie Pietri has not had a serene life in recent years . The trials ensued. She was harassed by her ex-boyfriend. Eight years later, she fell into the arms of a narcissistic pervert and was very affected by the death of a former companion in 2020, Jean-Marie Moreau. Let's hope that this dark period is behind her, that she finds love and above all peace.

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