Stone Turns 75: Scalpel, Sex and Ghosts...Her Wildest Secrets

Singer Stone, who was part of the unforgettable duo 'Stone and Charden', celebrates her 75th birthday on July 31! From her meeting with her man, to their plan-plan sex life, through her aesthetic operations and the predictions of a clairvoyant, here are some mind-blowing anecdotes about the interpreter of 'Made in Normandy'.

  Stone Turns 75: Scalpel, Sex and Ghosts...Her Wildest Secrets

Stone marked the history of French song and traveled the roads with the one who remained they are mari for 8 years, Eric Charden . Of The adventure at There's Sunshine Over France , the tandem rocked many French people in the 70s and 80s, with their unforgettable hits . After having remarried to actor Mario d'Alba , the singer participated in the tour Tender Age and even decided to get into politics by standing in the municipal elections! From Adventure to Adventure... This July 31, Stone turns 75 ... much to his surprise! Why was she sure she wouldn't wouldn't make it past 70 ? Discover the wildest secrets of the legendary artist.

an abusive father

Annie Gautrat , his real name, was born in 1947 in Paris. She comes from a popular environment and is raised in a family of four children by parents who move often, according to the multiple mutations of his father, an SNCF agent . As she grows up, she faces the violent behavior of his parent . ' My father was much more aggressive with my brother than with me. I really don't have anything to complain about. But when I saw him behave with my brother, whom he was beating, I was a little shocked. He was terrible with him. But once the bridges were cut with him, it was settled. And I never tried to find it “, she entrusted to the microphone of RTL Belgium .

Why the nickname 'Stone'?

When she began her musical career thanks to her meeting with a Polydor impresario at the Bus Palladium, Annie Gautrat has just celebrated her 18 spring . To make herself known, she opts for a stage name, short and effective, 'Stone'. A nickname given to him during his adolescence, in reference to his fringe haircut of the time… which made him look like Brian Jones , founder of the Rolling Stones !

She (literally) ran after Eric Charden

It was in 1966 that Stone meets the famous Eric Charden , a songwriter at the time. One evening, while participating (and winning) in the concours Miss Beatnik , she meets the gaze of the young man, who then makes part of the jury. But their first contact is far from obvious! The young woman, who has a real crush on Éric Charden, tries to talk to him by all means... and goes so far as to continue in the toilet whereas it is ' totally drunk ', according to his confidences to TV5 World .

' He was in a bit of a difficult time, we had forced him to come to this party, so to forget, he took refuge in alcohol “, she clarified. Finally, they get married the same year ! Together they give birth to Baptiste , now 47 years old.

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A boring sex life

The couple who stay married 8 years triumph in the eyes of the public. But in the intimacy, the lovebirds live a bland, routine romance . ' We stuck to a traditional report, preferably missionary to give details “, said the singer in the show We are not in bed .

The passion is extinguished for the tandem who definitely does not live 'L'Avventura' in bed. In question ? Eric Charden's mentality, which tends to ' put the woman on a pedestal 'and for whom' you don't do anything with your wife '.

Stone has already been 'stoned' (and several times)

If in her youth, Stone was (although in spite of herself) rather wise in bed , she does not hesitate to taste illicit pleasures . In his autobiographical work, Completely Stone , released in 2017, she tells his experience with drugs .

'IN we were drug addict worse than Mick Jagger ! I fell off my chair when I read everything you took. I didn't know you were a cameo ', was surprised Laurent Ruquier on the set of We are not in bed . ' Those were really very fleeting moments. It didn't last, they were experiences “, she had specified.

Sex and physical passion with Mario d'Alba

After his divorce from Eric Charden , the singer finds love in the arms of actor Mario d'Alba , in the 80s. With him, she has two children, Martin, 36, and Daisy, 34 . Above all, by his side, the artist discovers carnal pleasures... the real ones! ' mario ma introduces love and sex “, she revealed in the Belgian program The Storms Of Life .

Done again, she assumes

The singer does not hide it: she resorted to the plastic surgery …and more than once! Stone first suffered a mammal augmentation at age 30, a few years after the birth of his eldest son. ' Having stopped too abruptly breastfeeding my first son, Baptiste, I found myself two years later with breasts like washcloths. “, she confided in her book Completely Stone .

Ten years later, she treated herself to a liposuction on saddlebags and knees . Finally, at age 50, the former member of the Stone and Charden duo gave in to the sirens of botox . His goal? ' Take the fold, every ten years, to have something redone '.

Candidates for municipal elections

After having known the glitter of the scene, the one who is still nicknamed 'Stone' dreams of a more peaceful future, but not meaningless. In 2020, for municipal elections , she is on the Fernand Spaccaferri's list , mayor of the commune of Commentry, in the Allier, where she lives in a family home. As for her husband, Mario d'Alba , he is also part of it.

In addition to defending animal rights and the fight for euthanasia , Stone thinks to himself in favor of the cannabis legalization . ' I think it's scandalous to leave all that in the hands of the underworld with billions wandering around and they may put all the cops on the heels of the dealers, it doesn't change anything. So at some point you have to stop “, she let go on Melody . Finally, the list of Sylvain Bourdier (DVG) beats that of the outgoing mayor , to the chagrin of the singer …

A clairvoyant predicted his death

Shortly before blowing out his 70th birthday in 2017, Stone is convinced that he he only has a few months left to live . And for good reason, in 1966, she had met a clairvoyant who gave her a deadly prediction . ' I was predicted that I would die when I turned 70 and I believe it. Of course, I hope not, but it is quite possible that I will not pass the year “, she confided to Paris here . Obviously (and fortunately), the junk medium saw blurry in her crystal ball!

Stone believes in ghosts and the afterlife

In his work Completely Stone , the singer revealed that she believed in spirits and ghosts . Her mother and her daughter assured her that they had already communicate with the deceased . She is moreover convinced that there is a life after death. ' The opposite wouldn't make sense! Life cannot be limited to such a short terrestrial passage (…) What's the point of having been here without an afterlife? '