Stephanie of Monaco in mourning: her ex-boyfriend Mario Jutard, found dead in his villa!

The ex-companion of Stephanie of Monaco, Mario Olivier Jutard, was found dead in his villa, in the Dominican Republic. Who was he ? The underside of his romance with the Princess of the Rock...

  Stephanie of Monaco in mourning: her ex-boyfriend Mario Jutard, found dead in his villa!

Stephanie of Monaco learned shocking news. Her ex-boyfriend, Mario Olivier Jutard , with whom she lived a romance in the 80s, was found killed in his villa in Las Terrenas, on the peninsula of Samaná in the Dominican Republic, announce France Sunday and Deadline . The former model turned Night King was 71. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a bad encounter. This one was ' gagged then strangled to death ' by burglars, according to the first elements of the investigation. The climbers had entered his villa to ' steal valuables '.

Mario Olivier Jutard, strangled to death

According to the Dominican media, Dominican Today, Mario Olivier Jutard was the victim of a head trauma and manual compression of the neck . The body of the ex-companion of Stephanie of Monaco was transported to the Institute of Forensic Science (INACIF) in San Francisco de Macoris, in order to be autopsied. As for the thugs, they managed to steal several watches and other valuables. For now, the daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier did not react publicly to the announcement of the death of his ex-companion.

Who was Mario Olivier Jutard?

Frenchman Mario Olivier Jutard first made known as a model . Then, he quickly established himself as an emblematic figure of trendy parties. From DJs to nightclubs, he is became owner of discotheques , including the Vertigo club in Los Angeles. It is also there that he met Stéphanie of Monaco. At the time, Prince Albert's sister was in search of freedom, rejected conventions and wanted to free herself from the weight of her princely heritage. It is in this context that she began her romance with Mario Olivier Jutard. A short but intense relationship . Several times, the lovebirds have made the headlines of the tabloids and have appeared together at public events, such as at Roland-Garros.

A love affair in the sun in the 80s

According to Los Angeles Times , the lovers lived together in a rented house in Beverly Hills. ' Our favorite things to do together is bask in the sun and see our friends, be really quiet, like normal people, and have barbecues at home . Apart from our close friends, we don't see many people. Plus, Mario sees enough people at Vertigo on weekends. “, she told the magazine in 1987. The story does not say why their relationship ended.