Stéphane Plaza, his beautiful statement to Karine Le Marchand: 'You are this light that illuminates my soul'

When it comes to friendship, Stéphane Plaza is never stingy with sweet words and other compliments. To celebrate the birthday of his friend Karine Le Marchand, the host split a long touching text on Instagram.

  Stéphane Plaza, his beautiful statement to Karine Le Marchand:"Tu es cette lumière qui éclaire mon âme"

To life as on Instagram. the talkative Stephane Plaza is not the type to do in lace. When he loves, he loves passionately, and he doesn't hesitate to shout it out to the whole world. Simply sincere our favorite real estate agent, especially when it comes to his female double, his alter ego from the PAF, the sublime Karine Le Marchand , who celebrated his 54th birthday on August 16.

Stéphane Plaza for Karine Le Marchand's birthday: 'Today is a special day'

On his Instagram account, Stéphane Plaza shared a very nice official photo of the two friends, who work on the same channel. M6 . In legend, the host confides: “ Today is a special day... A few years ago now, a baby had just uttered his first cry. This cry is that of my tender Karine Le Marchand “, laughs the actor. Before continuing his touching message by encouraging us to send him birthday messages.

Stéphane Plaza to Karine Le Marchand: 'You loved me for what I was'

' The chance of life made me cross your path and you immediately loved me for what I was, without ever judging me. ', encore Stéphane Plaza is entrusted. ' I thank God that our friendship continues and strengthens over the years '. Arrived almost at the same time within the Group M6 in 2009 - she to animate Love is in the meadow , him for House for sale -, the two animators immediately got along.

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Stéphane Plaza to Karine Le Marchand: 'You are this light that illuminates my soul'

At the end of July, the two pillars of the M6 ​​chain 'according to Nicolas de Tavernost, gave an unpublished interview to the Parisian , trusting without lighthouse on the bond so strong. ' It is very rare that we talk about our relationship, and it is extraordinary, confided then Stéphane Plaza. And I'm the most sincere in the world saying this .' Further clarifying: ' The most important thing at M6 for me is my friendship, without judgment, with Karine .' To close his touching birthday message to his friend, Stéphane Plaza writes him this beautiful missive: 'You are this light that illuminates my soul, and the one that understands me without uttering a word.'