Stéphane Plaza badly in his skin? He looks at himself today with 'more compassion'...

France's most famous real estate agent is renowned for his good humor on the small screen and on the radio, but in private, Stéphane Plaza is not just constant joy. On Instagram, he candidly shares his melancholy, his demons...

  Stéphane Plaza badly in his skin? He looks at himself today'hui avec "plus de compassion"...

At 52, Stephane Plaza did not decide to slow down. This motorsport enthusiast, who participated in the Andros Trophy, lives his life at top speed. Jokesman, he is never stingy with a good word to make the gallery laugh. Clumsy, awkward, his character with rough edges caused a sensation with the public. He is the 16 and favorite personality of the French according to the ranking of the Sunday newspaper . Under his clown mask, the one found on M6, RTL and in the theater camouflages a very sensitive and fragile heart . Like when he lost his mother to whom he was very close … On Instagram, the host reveals his flaws.

Stéphane Plaza unhappy? Happiness, physical... this message that says a lot

More and more regularly, Stéphane Plaza opens his heart to his followers and reveals himself with very personal confidences on his Instagram account. And that's what he did again on Monday January 30 by posting a photo of himself where he gives the impression of doing his own self-criticism looking each other straight in the eye. ' Mirror my beautiful mirror, what does the future hold for me? I have often believed in the fatality of a destiny all mapped out and then over time I realize that the future is a fact of the present moment. It is in this precious moment that the years to come are played out “, he writes.

In full introspection, the great friend of Karine Le Marchand seeks an answer to questions that seem to tug at him. ' What do we all want for the next 10 years? Wouldn't it be right to be happy? But that key to happiness, well I can tell you, it's not as easy to find as the key to an apartment or a house! And I know what I'm talking about. 'Between the death of his mother, his celibacy and a possible overwork with all his professional activities, Stéphane Plaza does not seem as fulfilled as the great might think...

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' I understood one thing: to really appreciate happiness, you have to go through trials, losses, pains that you think are insurmountable. Others can in no way save you from your sorrows, your demons, your addictions ', adds Stéphane Plaza. He ends his text on a more positive note with a touch of humor - but which says a lot about his state of mind compared to his physique - as he masters it so well. ' I say goodbye to Georges Clooney…. Yes yes …. Even if the physical resemblance I grant you is striking. This little boy born on a morning in June 1970 who now looks at himself with more compassion can finally (…) just being Stéphane Plaza. What Else! '

​​​​​​​ Stéphane Plaza: Why did he stop drinking?

Stéphane Plaza is starting 2023 with a deep-rooted desire to feel good about himself and his sneakers, but it's been a few months since he began a revival. The resident of Big heads of Laurent Ruquier quit alcohol. And it wasn't a health issue that drove him to make this drastic decision. ' I started this challenge this summer for fun, to go against summer drinking trends. I decided to continue for myself, no longer as a challenge but out of desire. And if I can avoid having a facelift, have natural wrinkles related to my age and not to rosé, I would be happy ' he said on his Instagram account.

Moreover, on December 27, he took stock in story after a few months and even if he admits to having drunk two glasses of wine, he resists the temptation. ' 155 days without alcohol, 57 days without Red Bull. 5 months and 2 glasses of wine ' he announces proudly.


​​​​​​What's happening at Stéphane Plaza?

He returns to the stage on February 1 in the room A magical couple where he interprets ' Pierre-François KADABRA, a somewhat clumsy magician, poet and lunar... Make way for the magic of laughter! ' according to the summary of Fnac. He will be accompanied on stage by Valérie Mairesse and Jeanfi Janssens . The piece has worked so well that dates have been added in 2023.​​​​​​​

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He also returns to Gulli for new episodes of his show Surprise renovation, change at home! February 3, 2023 with Emmanuelle Rivassoux.