Stéphane Collaro turned 80: 'Not rich', he settled in the West Indies... what happens to the host?

The leading animator of the 1980s and 1990s has just celebrated his 80th birthday. For the occasion, Stéphane Collaro gave himself up to 'Soir Mag'. Money, return to TV, life away from the cameras under the Caribbean sun... it says it all.

  Stéphane Collaro turned 80: 'Not rich', he is'est installé aux Antilles... que devient l'animateur ?

Right after having blew out its 80th candle on May 20, Stephane Collaro confided in our colleagues from Evening Mag , in an interview published on May 22, 2023. He gave news about his current life, his daily life in the West Indies and his television career. He also mentioned his financial situation. The former host of Collaro Show then revealed that he was ' not rich' despite its huge success on the small screen...

Stéphane Collaro retired: cash on money

The former host began by explaining during this interview that he was not a man 'motivated by the lure of profit ' and, ' if it did, I'd be considerably richer '. Stéphane Collaro even wanted to add: ' And I would have stayed on television. I would have developed Julia Productions, named after my daughter '.

To believe him, despite his fine career on television which brought him a lot of money, it is his luxurious lifestyle that has melted his fortune over the years. ' With the paintings, the vintage cars, I was useless (...) I don't care, because I still have enough to live comfortably “, he confided with frankness. Unlike other stars, he does not complain about his retirement and assumes that he was not good with money, readily calling himself “ pitiful manager '.

Even at 80, the former presenter of Baby Show hasn't lost its bon vivant side. He explained in the columns of Evening Mag :' I think I'm more of a rambunctious old man! I believe deep down that I haven't changed too much. I have matured. I came back from some experiences, but in my head I'm still the same e'. He insisted: ' I always do the same bullshit. I have fun like before ' . But one thing has changed significantly: ' It's that I'm no longer paid ' , did he declare.

What will Stéphane Collaro become in 2023?

Stéphane Collaro admitted to our colleagues that he would have liked to return to TV at some point. He said thus: ' I wanted to relaunch a modern Bébête Show with partners from Les Guignols de Canal + '. Alas, ' the project failed ', he explained. ' Antenna 2 withdrew. Damage. We made a model, puppets, sets, a pilot. We didn't go far “, he clarified.

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In this interview, the host did not fail to indulge in his daily life in the sun far from France, he said: ' So far, it's not bad. I can not complain. Life in the West Indies keeps me fit ' . He further detailed: I let myself live. My current activity has nothing to do with my professional years (...) Now I work when I want '.

Stéphane Collaro has made no secret of his love for his life on television, but he won't return to it: ' I loved that period of my life, but I was glad it was over. I took a step back. I realized that being a star of the small screen gives you a bit of a big head. Coming out of this environment, it takes a long time to understand the very temporary side of this success. '.