Stéphane Bern in mourning: the host announces the death of his brother

The year 2022 is decidedly very complex for Stéphane Bern. Just months after losing his father, the royalty specialist has just announced the death of his older brother on his Instagram account.

  Stéphane Bern in deuil: l'animateur annonce la mort de son frère

If he does not hesitate to detail the lives of crowned heads long, wide, and across on French television, Stéphane Bern is very discreet about his private life. However, this time, he could not stay unmoved. As he announced this Tuesday, August 09, 2022 on his Instagram account, the host has once again lost a loved one . In effect, six months after the death of his father, Louis Bern, his brother, Armand Bern, succumbed last weekend to a cancer . 'I need today to say publicly what an amazing husband, father, son and brother you were in your great simplicity' , therefore wrote the companion of Yori Bailleres in a vibrant text of sincerity broadcast on social networks. 'You left too soon, a month before your 60th birthday, after having bravely fought against melanoma which ended up winning' , he confided in the caption of a tender photo montage.

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'I feel lost without you': Stéphane Bern pays tribute to his brother

A few days after this disappearance, the presenter of Secrets of history wanted to highlight the personality of his brother on his Instagram account. He then described him as a man 'modest and modest, humble and silent' . Before entrusting: 'You didn't like outpourings and let me take the light to better stay in the shadows, but in truth you were the pillar of our family, the rock, the eldest and the good genius to whom we turned' . And to conclude: 'I feel lost without you, I feel an absolute, vertiginous feeling of emptiness' . A year 2022 marked by the grief for the specialist in the royalty of France 2 who ended his speech with a most sincere promise: 'I swear to you to be faithful to your memory, to be another father for them. The only death is oblivion. I will honor and love you until my own death ' . Stéphane Bern, who can obviously count on the support of his 144,000 subscribers and that of many French personalities, also called on those who wished to make a donation to the association for research against melanoma , the disease that killed his brother a few days ago.