Step: the fitness class to lose weight in record time

What is the step? What are its benefits ? What exercises to do? How to practice it at home? Find out all about the step.

  Step: the fitness class to lose weight in record time

The step is one of the simplest and most accessible fitness training because it is flexible according to the levels of each. It is a complete sport which helps you build muscle and lose weight.

What is the step?

'Step' is an English word meaning 'step' and 'step'. Thus, this sport combines these two terms since it consists of taking steps on a step which is a rectangular platform (the only accessory necessary). Practiced in a group, in the gym, the step is orchestrated by a teacher whose exercises must be followed to the rhythm of the music. The session, which lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, is fun thanks to its sports choreography .

What are the benefits of stepping?

Thanks to the height of the step (which is adjustable according to the levels and the desired intensity), the muscles are solicited, which will make it possible to tone the body. Plus, the fast pace of the choreography will engage your cardiovascular system, working your breath and improving your endurance. Another advantage of appearance cardio of the step: one high calorie expenditure (up to 500 calories per hour class) that will melt fat and help you slim down. Finally, your coordination will also be developed in order to correctly perform arm and leg movements.

What part of the body does the step work?

One of the strengths of the step is that it allows you to develop the whole body . It is the legs that are mainly used with targeted work on the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. However, the upper body is not left out since the arms are also in motion in order to be coordinated with the legs. Thus, the whole body works simultaneously.

What exercises to do with a step?

It is possible to realize all classic fitness exercises on a step. front lunge, squat Bulgarian, inclined pump or plank: added to a choreography or performed alone, they will muscle the body thanks to the height of the step. For the most novices, there is a basic step exercise, to be performed very easily. The protocol to follow: take a step on the step, raise the other foot to the same level then lower the first foot before alternating the movement. Simple and effective to start the step!

How to do step at home?

If it is often practiced in the gym, the step can also be done at home thanks to the many courses available on the internet. The only imperative is to buy a non-slip step to perform all the exercises. In addition, the step is flexible at home: you can adapt it to your needs. With weights (barbell, dumbbells), on a very rhythmic song or set at a low pitch, the step will know build muscle and lose weight effectively .