Stay-at-home dad: what are the supports?

Some fathers choose to stay at home to take care of their children, putting their careers on hold. A decision that obviously has many financial implications. Status, possible help, we tell you everything about stay-at-home dads!

  Stay-at-home dad: what are the supports?

There are few statistics about the stay-at-home dads in France . If their number increases, the men who make this choice are still marginal. Especially if we compare their proportion with that of housewives, whose decision to stay at home is only rarely questioned by society. For men, however, clichés die hard! However, each year, more and more dads decide to put their career on hold to take care of their children. A precarious status… whether you are a man or a woman. Especially since there is no specific help for stay-at-home dads.

What income for a stay-at-home dad? CAF aid

According to a study carried out by the Prontopro platform in 2019, the salary of a stay-at-home parent would be around 6,400 euros net per month if he was fairly paid for all the tasks he performs. A colossal amount, representing almost 5 times that of the minimum wage, very far from reality. Because in fact, if a father or a stay-at-home mother can actually receive certain aid, they do not represent a real salary. The amount of this aid depends of course on the household's income, the spouse's salary, the possible status of single parent, but also on the number of children.

parental leave

After his paternity leave , the young dad can decide to take a Parental leave: the Shared Child Raising Benefit (PreParE). It is aimed at parents (father or mother) of children under 3 years old and its amount is calculated according to the degree of reduction in professional activity (from 157.44 euros to 422.21 euros per month). Only people who meet the general conditions to benefit from the PreParE are eligible for family benefits .

Family allowances

From the second child, the father at home can receive family allowances. Again depending on household resources, the number of dependent children and their age (from 34.96 euros to 498.16 euros with 4 children).

L'allocation de base de la Paje

Other help from CAF: page base allocation which covers part of the expenses related to the education of the child from birth to 3 years old (depending on household income).

RSA for a stay-at-home dad: how to benefit?

The objective of the RSA (active solidarity income) is to ensure ' for people without resources a minimum level of income which varies according to the composition of the household '. It is quite possible to receive the RSA while being a stay-at-home dad, m ais under certain conditions. It is aimed at people over the age of 25 without resources or whose resources are low, in order to guarantee them a minimum income.

The Rsa amount is calculated this way: Rsa = (lump sum) – (other household resources + housing package). This lump sum is variable. For example, it is 897.81 euros for a father living alone with one child and 1077.37 euros with two children. Other household resources are alimony , family support allowance etc.

Stay-at-home dad: what is Family Support Allowance?

Whatever his income, a dad who lives alone with his children under 20 can benefit from the Family Support Allowance . This aid of 184.41 euros is therefore aimed at both working fathers and fathers who have chosen to stay at home to take care of their children. To benefit from it, the stay-at-home father must not receive alimony or, if he receives one, the amount must be less than 184.41 euros (the CAF then automatically pays a supplement to reach this sum). This assistance is also paid to a relative when his or her spouse has died.