Claire Chazal 'bitter' about her forced retirement? 'I found a little swollen ...', tackled by his successor

Claire Chazal retired? While her show 'Passage des arts' was canceled by France 2, the famous journalist and presenter is angry and has tried everything to keep her seat. A waste of time, Pierre Lescure replaces her on Sunday evening. He came out of the silence...
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Julia Roberts Makes a Shocking Discovery About Herself: 'Pinch Me I'm Dreaming!'

Julia Roberts certainly did not expect to make such a discovery about herself on television... And yet, the teams of the show 'Finding Your Roots' did indeed tell her that she was not probably not who she thought she was.
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Emmanuel Macron ex-student of a famous animator: he swings on the level of the president...

Before entering ENA, Emmanuel Macron studied at Sciences Po Paris. Twenty years later, one of his former teachers, who has become a TV presenter, sways on television to the notes of the one who has become President of the French Republic.
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Michel Sardou attacks Sandrine Rousseau (and her husband): the scathing response from the green MP!

On January 18, Michel Sardou publicly attacked Sandrine Rousseau, and her husband, on the set of 'BFM Story'. But no question for the Green MP to let it go. She therefore took care to answer him during the demonstration against the pension reform of January 19.
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'It was appalling': Alice Pol, this trauma that still haunts her...

Alice Pol is starring in the film 'Un petit miracle' by Sophie Boudre, which will be released at the cinema on January 25. Usually discreet about her private life, she recounts a painful memory in 'Gala'. The actress was the victim of sexism and she could have filed a complaint…
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Benjamin Biolay celebrates his 50th birthday: love, Chiara Mastroianni, (famous) sister, children, Argentina, life in the South... Know everything

Benjamin Biolay, who turns 50 on January 20, has forever marked the history of French music. Both mysterious and accessible, the singer has a famous sister, has had romances with women well known to the public, leads a squabble against Polnareff and shares his life between several places (in the world)... Discover his secrets.
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'The truth is that...': Tomer Sisley reacts and explains the end of his Balthazar series (TF1)

Tomer Sisley, attractive and popular medical examiner from the series 'Balthazar', on TF1, will bid farewell to the program during the 5th season, the first episode of which begins on January 19. He commented on the end of the series in an interview.
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Michèle Torr 'assaulted by guilt': what she could never do...

Michèle Torr is a woman whose life has been marked by drama. One of which occurred in his youth: the death of his mother. A death for which she keeps immense regrets as she confided in an interview.
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Vincent Perrot lives far (very far) from his wife and children: secrets about this atypical life choice

In recent years, Vincent Perrot has somewhat deserted the TV sets, in favor of the airwaves. Today a presenter on RTL, he shares his life between Paris, where he works, and the South of France where his wife and their two children live.
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Clémence Botino turns 26: complicated reign, origins, studies, Miss World... Know everything!

Clémence Botino celebrates her 26th birthday on January 22! From her feminist commitments to her university career, through small anecdotes, discover the portrait of Miss France 2020, who shone in the Miss Universe 2021 competition and could well win the much desired title of Miss World...
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