Dominique Lagrou-Sempère reveals his salary at TF1 ('not amazing' compared to that of Jacques Legros)

A 'not fabulous' pay? Dominique Lagrou-Sempère, who worked for 20 years at TF1, revealed the salary she earned on the first channel. On the set of Jordan De Luxe, the 48-year-old journalist also revealed the reasons for her departure from TF1 and confided in the difficult mourning of her husband...
Stars 2023-03-20 06:14:03 by Terry

Arlette Laguiller turns 83: Children, beginnings, private life, what becomes of her? Know everything

Happy birthday ! Arlette Laguiller celebrates her 83rd birthday on March 18. But what becomes of the former Lutte Ouvrière spokesperson, who was the first woman to run for president? Here's what you need to know...
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Lou Pernaut balances: the money she earns thanks to TikTok, the legacy of her father, what he bequeathed to her...

Lou Pernaut earns money through her influencer activity on Instagram and TikTok. Jean-Pierre Pernaut's daughter revealed her income to Jordan De Luxe and opened up about her father's legacy, what he left her and the 'biggest gift' he gave her. .
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Amandine Pellissard (36), pregnant and anxious: Why is she in 'high risk pregnancy'?

Amandine Pellissard, pregnant with her ninth child, is anxious. Her pregnancy is 'high risk' and the 36-year-old mother needs to be watched 'like milk on fire'. What is the source of his concern?
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Isabelle Huppert is 70: Husband, children, Balenciaga, where does she live… All about the actress!

Happy Birthday Isabelle Huppert! This March 16, the French actress most nominated for the Césars celebrates her 70th birthday. The opportunity to (re)update you on his career, in cinema and theater, and to learn a little more about his family life. And on her fairy-tale wedding!
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Isabelle Mergault diva? Tackled by a man, she gets annoyed... 'Calm down!'

And bam, in the teeth! Isabelle Mergault did not expect to be demolished by a listener of RTL's 'Big Heads' but she did not fail to run into him. Accused of having shunned a film set by an extra, she set the record straight.
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Marc-Olivier Fogiel: Father of two 'not perfect' daughters (and this fear he transmitted to the eldest... )

Marc-Olivier Fogiel is a very busy man, he who has been the general manager of the news channel 'BFMTV' since 2019. But he remains a father invested and present for his two daughters. That he tries to protect without suffocating them. Narrative.
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Cyril Féraud is 38 years old: couple, Slam, being a dad, salary... all about the host

Happy birthday. Cyril Féraud is today a key figure in the world of television. This March 15, the host of Slam and Le Quiz des Champions celebrates his 38th birthday. Private life, career... we tell you everything you need to know.
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Christine Bravo collapsed by mourning: Archive PHOTO on Instagram, the host pays tribute to her late mother

After the mourning, the tribute. Christine Bravo let her subscribers know last week that she had just lost a very dear one. Following a moving tribute posted on social networks, she wanted to thank all those who had sent her their thoughts in this painful moment.
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Kate Middleton disrespectful to King Charles III? This scene that surprised but...

Royal faux pas or baseless controversy? As the Royal Family reunited to celebrate Commonwealth Day, Kate Middleton surprised some people by not curtsying King Charles III. Freedom with protocol from the Princess of Wales?
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