Star Academy returns in September 2022: casting, teachers, bonuses… Everything we already know

After almost ten years of absence, the 'Star Academy' is about to return to our screens. And if the production has not yet revealed that little information, they are still falling to the dropper. We take stock for you.

  Star Academy returns in September 2022: casting, teachers, bonuses... Everything the'on sait déjà

You can't miss the news: in a few months, the show that made the big hours of TF1 between 2001 and 2008 before settling on NRJ12 , we named the Star Academy , will be back on our screens . Thereby, at the start of the next school year, the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys, certainly the most famous on television, will resume service for a tenth season of this flagship TV hook. New academicians will therefore soon succeed Jennifer , Nolwenn Leroy, Emma Daumas and all the others.

Kamel Ouali again a teacher?

New teachers will therefore be responsible for supervising and advancing this class of 2022. For the moment, we do not know their names, and we do not even know how many professionals in the sector will be selected to participate in this flagship program. Whatever, Kamel Ouali, who was the show's dance coach for eight seasons, keeps the suspense going . Asked by RTL on June 18, he said that 'so far nothing has been done' . Before continuing : 'It's part of my DNA. So yes, why not, but not under any conditions. We talk a lot, so we'll see.  And if I'm not there, I'll be very happy for the person who takes my up. And I'll watch all of that because it really is a cult show. I'm glad it's back.' .

A mythical rule back at Star Academy: no phone!

A few days ago, the teams of 50' Inside had the chance to push the doors of the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys, in Seine-et-Marne. And, for the moment, it is still under construction . Jean-Louis Blot, president of EndemolShine France, explained that the teams were going 'change the layout of the rooms' and 'redecorate everything' .

Mathieu Vergne, the president of DMLSTV, announced to the journalists on the spot that a telephone would again be made available to the candidates. As in the very first version of the show, they will have only one minute of communication with the outside per day. And social networks will be banned. 'For the next season, the rule will be the same and cell phones will be confiscated' , did he declare. 'They have to take full advantage of it, so no phone, no social media. It must remain a bubble, they must be focused on their job and not take too much from everyone's opinion on what is going on. They have to take advantage of their own time, with their teachers, with the director or the director, but without too much outside. .

Star Academy: a daily return!

And to follow the adventures of the new candidates almost live, nothing better than a daily newspaper. As was the case at the start of the program, this year, viewers will once again be able to follow a weekly bonus presented by Nikos Aliagas (because who else?), and a daily aired before the serial Here it all starts . The program Large families, life in XXL should therefore be deprogrammed as well. If no start date has yet been revealed by TF1, Ara Aprikian, the group's deputy general manager of content, announced at the press conference on June 23 that the Star Academy would be the 'third serial of the return' on one. And this for a period of 10 to 12 weeks.