Star Academy 2022: New dance teacher, surprise guest and first images... We tell you EVERYTHING!

The mythical show 'Star Academy' is making a comeback on TF1, this Saturday, October 15, 2022. The dance teacher has been unveiled as well as a surprise guest. Here's everything there is to know about Season 10 and see the first images!

  Star Academy 2022: New dance teacher, surprise guest and first images... We tell you EVERYTHING!

[Updated October 14 at 1:13 p.m.] After almost 10 years, the Star Academy finally arrives this Saturday, October 15 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1! Fans of the show will be able to find the thirteen academicians and follow the daily life castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys . All presented by the legendary tele-hook host, Nikos Aliagas . The other members of the cast are revealed as and just after the revelation of the name of the godfather, the identity of the dance teacher has just been announced, as well as a surprise guest. Who are the teachers, who is the godfather, who are the presenters... We take stock of the brand new cast of season 10 of the Star Academy .

Kamel Ouali again a teacher?

Kamel Ouali , who served as the show's dance coach for eight seasons, will not be present this year. Despite all speculation, the choreographer will not return but the name of his replacement has just been revealed. For this promotion of 2022, the academicians will be trained by Yanis Marshall . The 32-year-old dancer is well known on television. In 2012, viewers were able to discover it in The Best Dance on M6. He then made himself known by posting videos of dancing in heels on Youtube. In 2014, he also participated in Britain's Got Talent . In addition, he was also a choreographer for the British version of Dance with the stars and the Ukrainian broadcast So you think you can danse .

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Who is the surprise guest?

As in the previous nine seasons, amateur singers will have the chance to share the stage with big names in music. For the Star Academy 10 , the academicians will be able to sing with Patrick Bruel . The interpreter announced the big news at the microphone of the show Morning without filter on Virgin radio on Thursday, October 13. He stated : ' I'll go ! I will be there in November I don't know which week, maybe the 19th or the 26th, but I'll go. I will be very happy to find this atmosphere, I love it! '.

Who is the godfather of the new season of Star Academy?

Despite rumors that have been circulating for some time, season 10 of the Star Academy will not be sponsored by Celine Dion . The singer, suffering, must already go back on stage in Las Vegas and resume her tour Courage World Tour. .. TF1 announced on October 12 who will succeed Florent Pagny, Mariah Carey, Elton John or Kylie Minogue and it is Robbie Williams . The channel reveals on the program's Twitter account: ' For the first time in the show's history , he will be present on set during a bonus event to support students '.

The major role of artistic director of the competition will be endorsed by Michael Goldman . It is indeed the son of the illustrious Jean-Jacques Goldman and co-founder of the label that revealed Joyce Jonathan and Grégoire, MyMajorCompany.

Who is back in Star Academy?

In addition to presenter Nikos Aliagas, other figures are making a comeback on the show, but in slightly different roles. The singer Lucie Bernardoni, season 4 finalist alongside Grégory Lemarchal in 2004, returns to the competition, this time as repeater . Its mission will be to help academics to rehearse, to guide them in relation to music and lyrics, all without judging them and with kindness.

Another contestant from season 4 returns to the castle, the journalist Karima Charni will be the animatrice. Her college Nikos Aliagas is delighted to share this role with her, during an interview with TV 7 Days , he says : ' I was convinced it was for her. Karima is a child of Star Ac' and also an accomplished journalist. She's totally legit by my side, because she's worked hard to get here. There is no privilege with me, I only believe in work '.

Air , the yoga teacher during the season in 2005 , resumes his role. She announced it on her Instagram account on September 29. In her post, she tells her followers: ' Great news. What could be better than a flashback to announce my return to Star Academy to relax, refocus and challenge students before the prime. Same castle, same good vibes, just 20 years later, we love it '.

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A figure from the shadows also returns in the tele-hook: Matthieu Gonet, a musician , who participated in the show from 2001 to 2007 and has taken on several hats since he has been musical director, pianist, orchestrator, rehearsalist, conductor or even jury during student evaluations. This year, he will have a one-off role, as announced on one of his Instagram posts, he will ' conduct the symphony orchestra that will accompany the 3ème prime '.

How is Star Academy going?

Mathieu Vergne explains at the microphone of Europe 1, this Thursday, October 13, that the show wants to keep all its mechanics which made its success. The young singers will have to learn a trade with the help of the various coaches. But for the rest, ' it is written day by day ' he adds, no one can predict what will happen during the several weeks of the program. He also confides that the cast of academicians is very young , the oldest is only 26 years old and it consists of ' personalities, characters 'so there will be' the bean, the big mouth '. But Karima Charni also specifies: 'there will be beautiful voices' .

At the end of the competition each Saturday evening, three of the academicians will be in the hot seat , but only one of them will be eliminated. The other two can be saved, one by the public and the other by the candidates. Then in the second part of the show, the host Karima Charni will join her colleague Nikos Aliagas in duplex bus, for a first debrief with the students. After two months of training and competition, the winner will win a contract for an album with Sony Music Entertainment France, in addition to 100,000 euros.

A mythical rule back at Star Academy: no phone!

A few days ago, the teams of 50' Inside had the chance to push the doors of the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys, in Seine-et-Marne. And, for the moment, it is still under construction . Jean-Louis Blot, president of EndemolShine France, explained that the teams were going 'change the layout of the rooms' and 'redecorate everything' .

Mathieu Vergne, the president of DMLSTV, announced to the journalists on site that a telephone would once again be made available to the candidates. As in the very first version of the show, they will have only one minute of communication with the outside per day. And social networks will be banned. 'For the next season, the rule will be the same and cell phones will be confiscated' , did he declare. 'They have to take full advantage of it, so no phone, no social media. It must remain a bubble, they must be focused on their job and not take too much from everyone's opinion on what is going on. They have to take advantage of their own time, with their teachers, with the director or the director, but without too much outside. .

Star Academy: a daily return!

And to follow the adventures of the new candidates almost live, nothing better than a daily newspaper. As was the case at the start of the program, viewers will again be able to follow this year a weekly bonus presented by Nikos Aliagas (because who else?), and a daily aired before the serial Here it all starts . The program Large families, life in XXL should therefore be deprogrammed as well. If no start date has yet been revealed by TF1, Ara Aprikian, the group's deputy general manager of content, announced during the press conference on June 23 that the Star Academy would be the 'third serial of the return' on one. And this for a period of 10 to 12 weeks.