Sophie Thalmann: Her husband Christophe Soumillon in trouble? Under the threat of heavy penalties...

Bad times for the husband of Sophie Thalmann, the sportsman Christophe Soumillon. After crashing a competitor during a horse race, the famous jockey could have his license withdrawn... What harm to his income?

  Sophie Thalmann: Her husband Christophe Soumillon in trouble? Under the threat of heavy penalties...

husband of Sophie Thalmann is in turmoil. Christophe Soumillon , a 41-year-old crack jockey, had already been suspended for two months for having I caused the shot of son concurrent Rossa Ryan , on September 30 during a race at the Saint-Cloud racecourse, in the Hauts-de-Seine. The jockey who fell was not injured and Christophe Soumillon immediately admitted his mistake . ' I wanted to apologize to all the people who love racing, sports' , he said to Equidia . But his remorse was not enough to save him the 60 days of suspension by the company France Galop . This time, the husband of Miss France 1998 risks seeing his penalty increased ...

Christophe Soumillon: his license withdrawn?

According to the specialized media Gallop Day , the Races and Games police want the suspension of the Belgian crack jockey to be extended, or worse, that he sees his license was simply revoked . ' The deliberately dangerous behavior of Mr. Soumillon presents a serious risk of disturbing public order in the world of horse racing ', first lamented the Races and Games police in a letter to France Galop.

' A very bad image of French horse racing has been widely relayed worldwide because of these facts which remain very shocking, given the images broadcast by the TV channels... Under article L114-1 of the Internal Security Code, Mr. Soumillon's behavior has become incompatible with the maintenance of an accreditation “, we also read in the missive.

Christophe Soumillon had already been called to order

There is another reason for this apparent severity. According to the Races and Games police, Christophe Soumillon had already been asked to calm his ardor last May, a few months before the incident. Already at the time, ' his behavior ' was ' considered dangerous by other jockeys '.

Christophe Soumillon: children and couple with Sophie Thalmann

Christophe Soumillon, he must respond to this letter to defend himself. Helped by his advice, he has until November 18 to try to convince France Galop not to extend his suspension, explains The Parisian . A situation that must certainly worry his wife, Sophie Thalmann , to whom he has been married since 2006. Together they are parents of three children , Charlie, who was born in September 2005, Mika, born in November 2008, and the youngest, Robin, born in April 2017. The eldest, Charlie, is already walking (or galloping) in the footsteps of her famous father , since it is horse riding enthusiast .