Sophie Marceau victim of 'psychological problems' after La Boum? The star has 'protected'

Revealed at the age of 14 by the film 'La Boum', Sophie Marceau returned in an interview with 'Liberation' to the difficulties encountered during this sudden overexposure when she was only a child.

  Sophie Marceau victim of 'psychological problems' after La Boum? The star s'est "protégée"

Back on the big screen with A woman of our time , a film noir directed by Jean Paul Civeyrac in theaters since Wednesday, October 5, Sophie Marceau granted, without any nostalgia, an interview to Release . An interview in which she discusses in particular her debut as a child star and draws up an initial assessment of his career while, as the ultimate consecration, his filmography is at the same time the subject of a retrospective at the Cinémathèque française.

An overexposed adolescence

At the dawn of the 1980s, Sophie Marceau, barely 13 years old, landed her first role after presenting herself to a wild casting for La Boum , a film directed by Claude Pinoteau. The film, soon followed by a second part, was a colossal success and the one who played Vic, a Parisian high school student who experienced her first heartache and who rebelled against her parents played by Claude Brasseur and Brigitte Fossey, then became France's favorite teenager . Sophie Marceau is immediately propelled to the front of the stage and acquires immediate notoriety. But in the columns of Release , the actress returned to the difficulties encountered in the face of this sudden success when she was only 14 years old when the film was released. If she claims to have ' never lived 'Vic's story, she admitted to being forced to grow up faster than the average person her age.

After the release of La Boum , the one who played Vic explained that she had to take a step back when his life was turned upside down. According to her, she was not protected by the Gaumont company...' I was a child and, instinctively, to avoid being eaten, I learned to protect myself. You are someone else, Vic. And this other who exists very strongly is projected onto you, whereas you yourself are not finished. This can create small heavy psychological disorders . Luckily I'm from Earth. This is where we measure his courage, his choices, the good ones as well as the bad ones ', said the star.

Which actor turned down the role of Sophie Marceau's father in La Boum?

Cult film for a whole generation, La Boum by Claude Pinoteau also owes much of its success to its five-star cast. It is thus Claude Brasseur, Brigitte Fossey and the sparkling Denise Gray who give the reply to Sophie Marceau. Yet when Claude Pinoteau wrote the screenplay for La Boum , he thinks of Francis Perrin to play Vic's father. But the actor refuses the role, not feeling mature enough to play the father of a teenager. The director then turns to another actor, and it is Claude Brasseur who will be François Beretton.

What is this question that the actress can't stand being asked anymore?

After forty years under the fire of the media, Sophie Marceau also confessed to Freed that she can't stand being asked this same question forever to which she has, she willingly confesses, still no answer. So if you come across the James Bond girl, don't ask her' How come you are still in the hearts of the French, for forty years? '