Sophie Desmarets, born 100 years ago: Real name, Weddings, Children, Mourning, Flea market, Cats...

Sophie Desmarets will forever remain an icon of comedy in France. But do you really know the actress, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday in 2022? Big Heads, 'Prophetic Words', Title of 'Marquise de Baroncelli-Javon', 'Dirty Newspapers'... and other secrets.

  Sophie Desmarets, born 100 years ago: Real name, Weddings, Children, Mourning, Flea market, Cats...

Sophie Desmarets would have celebrated her 100th birthday on April 7, 2022, but her life ended 10 years ago, on February 13, 2012. Charismatic, frank and far from being pretentious actress, she marked an entire generation and was the first woman to impose herself in them Big heads , at the end of the 70s. But what do you know of the actress? Secrets and journeys.

Sophie Desmarets: her real name

Sophie Desmarets, Jacqueline Desmarets de son vrai nom , was born on April 7, 1922 in Paris. She is the daughter of Bob Desmarets, director of the Vél d'Hiv and creator of the Les Six jours de Paris cycling event.

Sophie Desmarets, forgotten by her father

One day, when she was still a child, her father forgotten in the changing rooms of a swimming pool , as he goes swimming for several hours. ' I was expecting dad and I read dirty newspapers “, she told with humor in the show We have tried everything . A sacred memory!

Sophie Desmarets: The 'prophetic words' that changed her life

It was at the age of 16 that the life of the young woman changed thanks to a single encounter. The comedian Louis Jouvet , who had come to visit a villa in Saint-Cloud belonging to his parents, saw Sophie Desmarets and said to her: ' You, you have a theater physique . If one day you want to play, come see me '.

Words that change everything in the mind of the future actress. ' Without these prophetic words, I probably would not have thought of embracing a career for which nothing seemed to destine me. Being an actress has never been a vocation for me, but a job like any other, which I have tried to do my best, putting all my heart into it, but without sacrificing my life as a woman to it. “, she confided in her memoirs, in 2002.

She then decided to join her class at the Conservatory, as a free listener, then studied at the theater of the Athénée, where Louis Jouvet officiated as a teacher.

Sophie Desmarets: why she changed her first name

It was at the very beginning of her career that she decides to change his stage name , Jacqueline, and call herself Sophie . The reason? At the time, she found that the first name Jacqueline was too common, unlike Sophie who was then rarer...

Sophie Desmarets received an award under Pétain

In the early 1940s, she obtained her first film role , in First date , by Henri Decoin. In June 1944, Sophie Desmarets won the First Prize for Modern Comedy at the Conservatory Exit Competition. If later criticized for being rewarded while World War II was raging and the Marshal Petain was in power, she didn't care. ' It's better than having had it under Fallières “, she would have replied according to TV 7 Days , in reference to the former President of the Republic Armand Fallières, who had been at the head of France from 1906 to 1913.

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Sophie Desmarets: the place of her refuge (and her marriage)

During World War II, she found refuge in Blackland , a commune of Deux-Sèvres and married René Froissant there. After his death, in 2014, the municipal council of Bressuire renamed the station at Place de Noirterre in Place Sophie Desmarets , in order to celebrate his memory .

Sophie Desmarets: second marriage and children

With René Froissant, she becomes the mother of a daughter named Catherine, which was born in 1946. In 1949, Sophie Desmarets divorced and married the writer and film critic Jean de Baroncelli , son of filmmaker Jacques de Baroncelli . With him, she became Marquise de Baroncelli-Javon, since her husband's grandfather was Count Hippolyte Alexandre Marie Augustin Raymond Baroncelli de Javon. Jean de Baroncelli and Sophie Desmarets give birth to a daughter named Caroline.

Sophie Desmarets, first female member of the Big Heads

In addition to his roles in the theater and in the cinema, it is television that she is becoming better known to the general public, in particular for her appearances in the broadcasts The Big Children or Number 1 , presented by Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier. She is also the first woman to win in the Big heads , beside Philippe Bouvard , from the end of the 70s, and shines during small television sketches with her friend, Jacqueline Maillan.

Sophie Desmarets held a flea market in Paris

At that time, this decoration enthusiast also had a antique shop , located passage Choiseul, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. If she hadn't been an actress, she would have tried to embark on studies to become architect .

Sophie Desmarets, 'desperate' by the death of her husband

Unfortunately, her husband Jean de Baroncelli died in 1998 . A difficult mourning for the actress. ' I had the pain of losing my husband, I was very very desperate ', she confided in the show We have tried everything . His friend, the playwright Pierre Barillet then advised him to put his pain down on paper. 'He said to me: 'When we have a problem, we write or we go to see a psychiatrist'. Psychiatrists aren't really my thing, so I wrote! ', she told. Four years after the death of her husband, she publishes Sophie's Memoirs … in which she recounts much more happiness than misfortune!

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Sophie Desmarets, fan of cats

Did you know that Sophie Desmarets had a devouring passion for chats ? The actress has lived with several felines who went by the names of Muslin, Cosette and D'Artagnan .

Death of Sophie Desmarets

More than fifteen years after playing in his last movie, Should not!... , by Gerard Jugnot, Sophie Desmarets dies in 2012 . His ashes are buried in the family vault in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris, near the tomb of Serge Reggiani.