Sophie Darel is 78 years old: Companion, Money, Illnesses, Rape, 'Terrible character' by Guy Lux, Couple with Cloclo?

Sophie Darel turns 78 on July 1! The opportunity to come back to the secrets of the host, from her three cancers to her rape, through the disagreement with Guy Lux and her relationship with Claude François....

  Sophie Darel is 78: Companion, Money, Illnesses, Rape,"Caractère épouvantable" de Guy Lux, Couple avec Cloclo ?

Sophie Darel which turns 78 this July 1st, is still as bubbly as it was in the 70s. This Parisienne however overcame many trials throughout his life, from his earliest childhood. L' sexual assault she suffered, her cancers, her current financial situation, her relationship with Claude François... and all the secrets of the former host!

Sophie Darel: her first appearance on TV

Sophie Darel, who studies at the school of comedy at the Paris Conservatory, made his first television appearance in 1957, at the age of 17, on the show The School of Stars . She interprets the title Aunt Amelie .

Sophie Darel, spotted by Jacques Brel

Then, she performed on stage in Parisian cabarets and is spotted by Jacques Brel , who offers him to do the first parts of his tours. It was a little later that she met Guy Lux and began hosting numerous shows with him.

Sophie Darel, sexually abused as a child

' When I was little, I met someone very important, very powerful, whose name I will never give. He has worked in the world of TV and radio, especially radio. Someone quite remarkable, very bright, and who unfortunately liked little girls “, she told Paris here . This famous animator had particularly inappropriate behavior with the young Sophie Darel.

For the child she was, the trauma obviously remained immense. ' On the other hand, he never really ' raped ', there was some touching , he wanted to corner me, but I was really very small, I was about ten years old. So it still stuck with me “, she added.

Sophie Darel dissociates herself from #MeToo

However, Sophie Darel did not hesitate to castigate some aspects of the #MeToo movement and gave his rather particular point of view on the matter to Paris here : ' I don't understand all these women who wait thirty years to suddenly accuse and denounce their rapist. At the risk of shocking, I'm a bit fed up with the movement Swing your pig, MeToo and company '.

And to add, disarmingly: ' There are also those who cry rape for an inappropriate word. If I had to press charges every time a man said to me, 'You have a nice ass!' So much the better if I have a nice ass, it's pretty nice '.

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Sophie Darel: her fierce battles against three cancers

Besides the painful memories who still live there, Sophie Darel had to fight against no less than three cancers . Winning these battles required optimism and resilience . ' I am lucky to be a fighter. And I spoke with many doctors who all confirmed to me that when you are a fighter, you are better off than if you are depressed. Afterwards, when it comes to a disease that is too advanced, there is no miracle. But I'm lucky to be a fighter and to be positive “, she confided in the issuance of Jean-Marc Morandini.

All these serious health concerns were, however, an extraordinary life lesson for the facilitator. ' I put a lot of problems into perspective, even if everyday life sometimes takes over. But I want to take a step back from all these little everyday things that invade us. It's so great not to be sick “, she exclaimed, full of gratitude.

For the former friend of Guy Lux , who values ​​his health as the apple of his eye, the extreme vigilance is now in order. ' On the health side, I still do check-ups regularly. Monitoring is for life. Before each check-up, I'm scared. But I have this great ability to move on once the scans are over and I'm like, 'It's fine. '' she explained.

Sophie Darel: complicated financial situation

During confinement, Sophie Darel was confronted with a precarious financial situation . ' It's not with what I won that I could save money “, she dropped to Non-Stop People . ' From a retirement point of view, it's a bit light ', she clarified. Evelyne Leclercq's friend does not wish to rest on her laurels: ' I have to be able to work, it's not a chore for me, on the contrary, I love it '.

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Was Sophie Darel in a relationship with Claude François?

For many years, romance rumors with Claude Francois were flying. But Sophie Darel made things clear with Non-Stop People : she has ' surely not 'lived a' love story ' with Cloclo.

' He liked little blondes. One day he cornered me in his room and said, 'You stay there.' He didn't rape me but let's say it didn't happen, I did not want ' , she detailed, always on Non Stop People . And to add, chuckling: ' After we met again in the shows , and he said to me: ' You don't know what you missed ''.

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Sophie Darel: her relationship with Jack Anaclet

For 40 years, Sophie Darel has been in a relationship with writer Jack Anaclet , most the couple never wanted to get married . ' I don't see the point of getting married except to have a party, but anyway we do it all the time at home ', she confided in the show It starts today .

Sophie Darel: Guy Lux 'had a terrible character'

As for his cooperation with the legendary Guy Lux , with whom she had, among other things, presented the show Cadet Rousselle , the agreement was far from perfect. ' He was someone I really liked, with whom it was difficult to work, who had a dreadful character , who was in bad faith, who was angry, but who was at the same time so endearing that when he died, I cried like a kid ', she told idolsmag .

After all these vicissitudes, Sophie Darel now dedicated to the theater . In 2020, she distinguished herself on the boards in The 3 Glorious , next to Daniele Gilbert and Evelyne Leclercq, play by Bruno Druart and Patrick Angonin, We bet that many other adventures await him!