Sologamy: like Britney, who marries yourself?

While it may come as a surprise at first glance, some choose to self-declare their love, like Britney Spears in December 2022. Where does sologamy come from and who are those who marry solo?

  Sologamy: like Britney, who marries yourself?

'You are never better served than by yourself', says the proverb. It's a bit like the concept of sologamy, a practice of marrying, not with another person, but with oneself. An astonishing concept, which nevertheless has some followers. Who are these women who marry themselves, as was the case of the singer Britney Spears , live on his social networks in December 2022. Where does sologamy come from? Is it possible to marry yourself in France? Decryption.

What is sologamy?

Sologamy is the act of marrying oneself. But beyond a solo marriage, this above all involves reconciling with one's own person, celebrate independence and to be able to be happy by showing that one is sufficient unto oneself. In some cases, sologamy can also be a way of showing a desire to forge a shell after hardship. Finally, for some people, it is also a way of showing that they do not fit the mold that society wants to impose on them.

Where does sologamy come from?

There are documented examples of sologamy from the 1970s. But this concept is mostly talked about in Canada and the United States for 20 years . An episode of the Serie Sex and the City was even dedicated to him in 2003. It was then exported to other countries, such as Australia and Japan, before starting to land in Europe and France a few years ago. Besides, the term 'sologamy' has entered the dictionary Oxford English Dictionnary in 2022.

Who is Linda Baker?

In December 1993, Linda Baker married herself. It was the first self-marriage that was actually documented, and it was talked about for years. Although other women subsequently followed her lead in equally high-profile situations, it was the Californian's sologamous marriage that served as the inspiration for the Canadian TV movie my marriage to me in 2007.

Jeremstar, the influencer who tested sologamy

In 2017, influencer Jeremstar decided to marry himself, and this is the first time that a self-marriage has been publicized in France. Asked by Europe 1, he explained: ' Marriage is something that still makes people dream a lot and remains the symbol of success and accomplishment. But they're fed up with the question: when are you going to get married? Like that, for me, it's done, and with myself. Sologamy is a nice snub to patriarchy, we can be happy without social pressure, we can succeed without necessarily marrying someone, without falling into a box that corresponds to the model of success that we have always been taught . By marrying myself, I am self-sufficient, I am in agreement with myself. We are not disappointed or cheated.'

Britney Spears got married

In December 2022, an Instagram post by Britney Spears made a lot of noise. She shared a photo of herself with a wedding veil and said: ' Yeah, I married myself!! I was bored, I love wearing my veil, and I thought, ' Is it crazy? Is that something that gets done?' . Nothing says, however, that the singer, already married to Sam Asghari since June 2022, really wanted to celebrate a sologaming wedding.

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Can you marry yourself in France?

In France, and to our knowledge in all other countries, self-marriage is not recognized by any law. These sologamous marriages therefore only have a purely symbolic value, without any legal dimension.