Smiley and La Vallée Village are committed to associations this summer

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous yellow Smiley, La Vallée Village and The Smiley Company are joining forces this summer. On the program: charitable commitment and products 'to keep the smile' even if the start of the school year is approaching!

 Smiley and La Vallée Villages'engagent pour des assos cet été

It's the perfect collaboration to approach the end of summer with a smile on your face. The Bicester Collection has partnered with The Smiley Company , the company that owns the famous Smiley, that happy yellow face. But what exactly is The Bicester Collection? Behind this enigmatic name hides an open-air shopping center concept, bringing together high-end and luxury brands that offer truly enticing discounts. In all, The Bicester Collection has eleven shopping destinations. In France, it is La Vallee Village , located in Seine-et-Marne, which unveils in its aisles the fruit of this partnership between The Bicester Collection and The Smiley Company. Since 1 is July, visitors can afford caps, T-shirts, flip-flops and water bottles from the collection ' Summer Smiles ' in dedicated pop-up stores. Since August 12, they have also been able to shop the pieces that make up the collection ' Bag to School Back-to-school supplies and a backpack bearing the image of the famous smiley should appeal to young and old alike.

A charitable collaboration

In fact, this partnership, which falls exactly in the year of the fifty years of Smiley is the opportunity for The Bicester Collection to raise money for its charity program Do Good . It brings together ten associations that all have in common to promote the empowerment of women and children. Like L'Envol, supported by La Vallée Village, which offers recreational stays for sick children. The idea: generate funds for the benefit of those in need while spreading smiles to the four corners of the planet “, according to Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of The Smiley Company. All profits from the Smiley x Do Good collections, sold between 2 and 60 euros, will thus be donated to these ten charities until October. final word: 'Take the time to smile!'