Slimane swings: Love, complicated birth of his daughter, family...

Invited on the Télématin set, Slimane confided in an open heart about his daughter, Esmeralda. The 32-year-old singer also proclaims loud and clear that he is 'in love'...

  Slimane swings: Love, complicated birth of his daughter, family...

In full promotion of his new solo album, Chronicles of a Cupid , Slimane was the guest of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali in the show of France 2 Telematin, September 1. The opportunity for the 32-year-old artist to confide with tenderness in the place that his family takes in his life. The opportunity also to return to the recent birth of his first daughter, named Esmeralda .

Slimane: 'I'm a lover'

In front of the cameras France 2 , Slimane did not hesitate to talk about love, the main theme of his upcoming opus and his greatest source of inspiration. 'I'm a lover! I'm a lover of life, of people, of my family…' , said Vitaa's accomplice. 'It's true that there, I was over thirty, I asked myself what characterized me the most and I think that was it' , he continued.

'I wanted to tell about the love that goes well, the love that hurts and also the love that remains indelible all the time. That of the family, of my daughter, whom I have just had, it was all these forms of love that I wanted to talk about “, added the singer. Slimane assures him, it is thanks to his family that he kept his feet on the ground.

'I'm lucky to have a very united family, very down to earth. I live in real life, in real things, so I didn't have that thing, to go into a spin' , did he declare. ' Afterwards, I am a very crazy person in life. But success, music and that world, I don't feel like it has grabbed me yet to take me somewhere else. I'm too anchored in other things on the side' .

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Slimane recounts the complicated birth of his daughter: 'I was scared'

His greatest love is his daughter, Esmeralda, to whom he dedicated several songs in Chronicles of a Cupid . Already a few months ago, Slimane entrusted Nikos Aliagas in the show 50' Inside on TF1 that fatherhood had brought him 'everything he had sought all his life' . 'I think I had too much love in me, and suddenly it could finally come out for good reasons' , he even said.

In front of the cameras Telematin , the singer-songwriter also confided in the birth of his daughter, very premature . 'I found myself in neonatal with her, for long, long hours' , he began.

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The singer admitted to being very afraid for his daughter. ' Yes I was scared . For once, I'm talking about the little heart lagging behind (in one of her songs, editor's note), because her heart was struggling to beat properly, she was struggling to feed herself, etc.' , he then explained. 'I just wanted to tell him, 'stay with us, I'm going to love you all I can love you! Don't worry, I'm going to be strong for you, I'll do everything for you' , he concluded, moved.