Sister André, 118 and Dean of Humanity: Her Secret to Longevity

At 118, Sister André is now the dean of humanity. The nun, Lucile Randon of her real name, who lives in an Ehpad du Var, says she has come back from death 3 times and feels ready to break a record!

  Sister André, 118 years old and dean of the'humanité : son secret de longévité

Sister Andrew is now the dean of humanity . After the death of the Japanese Kane Tanaka , who died at 119 on April 25, the 118-year-old French nun becomes the oldest woman in the world. Lucile Randon , of his real name, was born on February 11, 1904 in a family of 5 children, Protestant but not very religious, and grew up in Ales , in the Cevennes. Very early, when she was barely old enough to start speaking, his twin sister dies at just 18 months . Lucile Randon therefore becomes the only girl among her brothers.

Who is Sister André?

After the First World War, the then adolescent became a governess and teacher for children from wealthy families, such as the Peugeots. It was not until 1923, at the age of 19, that this fervent believer decided to to be baptized . Later, at age 40, she entered the novitiate of the Daughters of Charity, Saint Vincent-de-Paul, in Paris. Her name of sister André, she chooses it in honor of his big brother, of the same name.

Hospital, Retirement home, Covid-19...

For many years, Sister André takes care of orphans and the elderly at Vichy Hospital. Then, at age 75, she retired and spent thirty years in a Ehpad de Savoie, then in Toulon, in the Var. In 2021, she is infected with coronavirus... but has no symptoms and heals quickly! ' I didn't even realize I had it “, she had explained to Be Matin .

Does Sister André have a secret to longevity?

But what is the secret of his longevity ? ' Oh gosh, it's the good Lord who knows ', she simply dropped to the journalists who questioned her on April 26. ' Three times I went to death . Each time I came back. The Good Lord does not want me. He wants me to work… so I make others work “, she added according to midi-free .

Sister André, ready to break the world record

If the nun suffers from blindness and many physical ailments , she hopes to break the world record for longevity held by the French Jeanne Calment, who died aged 122 in 1997 . ' It's within my reach, even if it means staying on earth, you might as well get there “, she assured according to The Parisian .