'Since I gained weight...': Camille Cerf confides in her pounds and her changed figure

Hard to believe but even beauty queens can suffer from complexes. This is what Camille Cerf confided this summer to his subscribers on Instagram. But the ex-Miss who had difficulty accepting her weight gain now seems to fully assume her new silhouette.

  'Since I'ai pris du poids..." : Camille Cerf se confie sur ses kilos et sa silhouette changée

Ancient Miss France Crowned in 2015, the lovely young girl from the Ch'ti country, who has become the face of prestigious brands, is leading a fine career as a model. A rather cheeky former miss who also signs a lingerie collection for Pomm'Poire, a brand of underwear that is suitable for all body types and which campaigns for body positivism. Values ​​shared by Camille Cerf.

Very hard on her body, she explains

During a question and answer session on Instagram on June 23, the former Miss France reveals that she has gained a few pounds and that she is having difficulty assuming her new figure . ' It's difficult because even if I advocate Body Positive and I find all bodies very beautiful, I'm very hard on mine. “, she confided to her subscribers before adding” I've gained quite a bit of weight lately (I'd say 20-30 pounds, I don't weigh myself) because of the love, the stress and the fast pace.' Extra kilos that the beauty ch'ti now seems to fully assume.

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Camille Cerf assume six kilos

Today, only a few months after confiding in her discomfort and her weight gain, she is a radiant young woman, comfortable in her skin and in her head, who engages in a new exchange with her fans in stories on Instagram this Tuesday, October 11, 2022. During this new question and answer session, Camille Cerf revealed that he had finally succeeded in accepting himself and forgetting the complexes that poisoned him. And when a surfer asks her if she accepts her weight gain, the young woman replies: ' It's funny, we were talking about it earlier with my mom. I have a complex for a long time for many things, my little pimples, my stomach, my thighs, my smile... In short, everything. And I don't know when exactly but this year I had a click. I realized that I don't love myself less since I gained weight, that I don't work less, that people don't love me less. I can take a lot of perspective on my appearance now . '

Camille Cerf, feeling good about yourself, feeling good about yourself

The one who defines herself as a 'Eater of Maroilles' on her Instagram account thus answered in all sincerity to the many questions of her subscribers. At the question ' How do you stop complexing? ', the former model replied ' Bah… understand that the complexes are not a matter of physics, it's all in the head. You have to learn to look at yourself differently. And above all, understand that the physical is not everything. Although we are in a society that is increasingly superficial and focused on appearances. '

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