Shower makeup: this wet look makeup that reproduces the appearance of the skin after the shower

Shower make-up is a natural beauty treatment that reproduces the plump and luminous effect of the skin when you get out of the shower. We explain everything about this subtle make-up that will instantly make you more dapper and sexy.

  Shower makeup: this wet look makeup that reproduces the'aspect de la peau après la douche

Launched on TikTok by the queen of cosmetics Huda Kattan , the Shower make-up panics Internet users with more than 6 million views. And the reasons for this craze are justified: this trend is saying goodbye to heavy make-up and plastered skin to make way for a more sober and sexy look than ever. The principle of make-up is quite simply to look like you just got out of the shower . Explanations.

What is Shower make-up?

Initiated by make-up artist and creator of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan, this new beauty trend seems to have been widely endorsed on the net. Indeed, the Shower make-up, translated by 'shower make-up' in French, is inspired by the wet skin that one has after spending minutes under hot water. In short, a fresh, hydrated skin texture and above all rosy cheeks due to the steam from the shower.

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Close to glow skin make-up, this trend is described by Huda Kattan as the most sensual in the world: ' My favorite look is still the one I get out of the shower. I know this might sound weird, but I swear this is one of the sexiest makeovers out there. '

How to replicate the shower make-up trend?

The advantage with this look is that it won't take you longer to achieve than your usual makeup. Simply replicate the plumpy, wet look your skin looks out of the shower. Don't worry, we explain everything to you in 5 steps:

1. In her tutorial, beauty guru Huda Kattan relies on cream textures to copy the wet effect of the skin after bathing. In practice, we banish the matte complexion. So exit the powdery textures. After hydrating your skin, mix your foundation with a moisturizer for an airy and lighter look. A few touches of concealer in the corners of light (forehead, chin and dark circles) and you're done.

2. Using a bronzer stick and a liquid blush, you must reproduce the good-looking effect of the skin due to steaming water. Apply red blush to the cheekbones and sculpt your face with the bronzer. Be careful not to apply it on the center of the forehead to reflect the lighting of the bathroom to perfection, this one often being equipped with an illuminating spot on the ceiling.

3. For a successful wet look, the crucial step is to apply highlighter. And the more, the better! But be careful to opt for a cream or liquid texture so as not to accentuate the rough effect of the skin. Apply it to the top of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and the cupid's bow. You can also apply it to the eyelids and collarbones to accentuate the 'wet' effect. As for the lips, blur your nude lip pencil using your fingers before applying a balm or a gloss for an even glossier effect.

4. Equip yourself with a lengthening mascara to reproduce the XXL effect of eyelashes after showering and apply it from root to tip, avoiding blocks.

5. For the final touch, dampen your hair with a serum or styling cream and slick it back. This trick is ideal if you have oily hair: it will allow you to give texture to your mane, like the one you have out of the shower. It's yours !