Sheila, bio of a yé-yé icon

Born into a modest family, Anny Chancel will experience worldwide success under the name of Sheila. A true star of the disco years, the one who recorded more than 600 songs during her career is still capable of filling concert halls. The other side of the coin for this multi-faceted artist, a disturbed family life and a son, Ludovic, with whom relations are not looking good.

  Sheila, was d'une icône des yé-yé

Sheila, the icon of the yéyé years and of French disco

Little Anny Chancel's dream of becoming a rider in a circus did not come true. Just like that of integrating the Paris National Opera as a little rat. On the other hand, when she became a singer for a still unknown group, the Guitare Brothers, and performed at the Golf-Drouot (as Johnny Hallyday ), she was immediately noticed by Claude Carrière. The latter will then create the Sheila myth. A year later, in 1963, success was at the rendezvous with 'School is over' . This single will be ranked best seller for four weeks. Following this, Sheila continues the hits of the yéyé years with 'You friends' or 'Première surprise-partie'. From 1977, his musical style turns to disco and texts in English. The public remains faithful to him until his decision to end her singing career in 1989 . It wasn't until the late 1990s that she released a new album. In 2010, Sheila made a big media comeback by appearing in the cast of the show 'Dancing with the Stars'. Then comes the ultimate consecration, the jubilee of his career, with three dates at the Olympia in 2012.

Sheila's troubled home life

Sheila was the victim, at the age of 18, of a rumor that she was a man, which spread widely. She will admit that this episode has 'rotten her life'. In the early 1970s, she met Guy Bayle, alias Ringo Willy Cat, with whom she fell madly in love. They married in 1973, with Claude Francois as a witness, and give birth to the little louis in 1975. The happiness will not last since the idyll with Ringo stops a few years later. In 2012, Ludovic said of his mother: 'I suffered so much from her that I should have died a long time ago'. taken into custody and sentenced for harassment of Sheila and her new boyfriend. The 85 million-selling star apparently didn't shine for everyone.