Sheila and euthanasia: for or against? The singer gives her clear opinion...

Icon of French variety who celebrates her 60th anniversary this year, Sheila was the guest of the show 'On Refait La Télé' on RTL to present her latest album. The opportunity for the eternal little fiancée of the French to evoke her memories, to confide in subjects as intimate as euthanasia, to tackle the Enfoirés or even to evoke a future series inspired by her life.

  Sheila and the'euthanasie : pour ou contre ? La chanteuse donne son avis tranché...

This is the topic of society at the moment. Whereas Line Renaud leads a media fight in favor of the right to die with dignity, she claims to have a listening ear with President Emmanuel Macron. Why consider that a law will soon be voted in this direction? The singer Sheila , in full promotion, did not escape a question on the subject

Sheila is not afraid of death

On the airwaves of RTL, on September 19, the singer Sheila presented her album ' Coming from elsewhere '. A nod to the yéyé years, ecological commitment, evocation of death, this 27th album stands out as one of the most personal of the singer who does not hesitate to qualify it as an autobiography in music. Serene to the idea of ​​leaving one day, Sheila explained on the microphone: ' For me, death is the passage of a door that always remains open behind us and I live surrounded by my son, my parents (...) if I am no longer here, from time to time think of me! “Devastated by the disappearance of her son Ludovic Chancel, in 2017, died of a drug overdose at the age of 42 , Sheila confided in her grief to Michel Drucker a few years later: ' Unfortunately the parents who lose a child, we never recover from it, we must know it '.

Sheila for or against euthanasia?

Initiated by Line Renaud who has been campaigning for years for a law on end of life passed, the debate on the right to die with dignity was revived in September by the 94-year-old actress who said she had 'convinced' Emmanuel Macron. The Head of State has indeed announced the launch of a broad citizen consultation on the end of life, with a view to a possible new 'legal framework' by the end of 2023. On the sidelines of this debate, Sheila spoke out in favor of the right to die with dignity: ' I think we have the right, if we are in pain, to choose. But it's not for others to do '. That has the merit of being clear.

Sheila angry: she tackles the Bastards!

Interviewed by Jade and Eric Dussart, Sheila also discussed various topics during this program. In particular... Les Enfoirés. And the least we can say is that the interpreter of Spacer in a gros sur la patate! The disco queen who has never been invited to participate in the Enfoirés concert denounces a clan and is surprised to see there more footballers or rugby players than singers of his generation. The artist who knew Coluche well with whom she shares many memories is not kind to the troupe: ' It took a turn that I personally don't like. And then it's a clan, it's not complicated to see. So it doesn't matter, it doesn't prevent me from living. I just find that in relation to the story, it's weird. They are among themselves.'

Sheila: Album, series... more popular than ever

Sheila was thrilled to be on the RTL show as she was able to continue promoting her latest album titled Come from elsewhere . But that's not all... The star made some surprising secrets! To the question of a possible Netflix series inspired by his life , Sheila does not say no, quite the contrary! The one whose eventful life resembles a soap opera admits that she really wants an autobiographical series to see the light of day. If it is still too early to get closer to the platform, the project is under consideration.