She sings 'Bella ciao' for freedom in Iran: this video that moves the whole world

With 3 million views in a few days, the video of a young Iranian girl singing Bella Ciao in Farsi has become a real phenomenon on social networks. Is this rendition of the chant of the Italian partisans becoming the anthem of the Iranian revolt?

  She sings"Bella ciao" pour la liberté en Iran : cette vidéo qui émeut le monde entier

Who is this young Iranian who interprets Hello beautiful in Farsi?

While anger has been brewing in Iran for ten days and the first demonstrations caused by the death of Mahsa Amini have turned into anti-regime protest, the song of revolt embodied by a young Iranian woman touches the hearts of the whole world. In a video posted on September 26 on the Twitter account @Gandom_Sa007, a young woman, not veiled, interprets in Farsi Hello beautiful . Massively relayed on social networks, the resumption of the song of the Italian partisans has become in a few days the anthem of the demonstrations which are setting Iran ablaze. It must be said that the interpretation of the young woman, whose identity we do not know but who is assumed to be Iranian, is quite overwhelming. 'Absolutely stunning ! Hello beautiful sung by an Iranian in Persian. These women are impressive… Long live freedom' relayed Farid Vahid, director of the Middle East Observatory of the Jean Jaurès Foundation, this weekend on Twitter.

Why Hello beautiful embodies the Iranian revolt?

Revolutionary Italian song known worldwide, and especially by the youngest thanks to the success of the Spanish series Casa de Papel which had made it its anthem, Hello beautiful was long before that the Italian anti-fascist anthem. Song of the resistance fighters during the Second World War, the song draws its origins from the fight of agricultural workers for the improvement of their working conditions in the 19th century. Become one of the universal symbols of resistance throughout the world, Hello beautiful is today the song of the Iranian youth who are rising up , in Tehran as in the whole country, against draconian religious authorities.

#MashaAmini, the hashtag of a revolution

This hashtag that blows like a wind of freedom on Iranian youth is Mahsa Amini. On September 13, this young woman from Iranian Kurdistan was arrested by the Iranian morality police for 'indecent dress'. After three days in a coma, the 22-year-old died in hospital. The news sparks angry protests across the country and many Iranian women defy the authorities by burning their veils and cutting their hair in the street . In ten days, at least 54 demonstrators have been killed in violent clashes and more than 700 arrested, while the Iranian authorities are calling on the security forces to act 'firmly' against the demonstrators.