Sharp increase in wedding dress prices

Marked by the health crisis and high inflation, wedding professionals are seeing their costs increase this year. A situation that affects the price of wedding dresses in particular.

 Sharp increase in wedding dress prices

After two years of pandemic, restrictions and canceled or postponed festivities, the wedding industry is once again in full swing. The year 2023 could even be a record year with up to 300,000 weddings planned, the professionals have announced. Most are even overwhelmed by requests, whether wedding planner , photographers, caterers or wedding dress shops. 'Honestly, I'm not happy to say it, but I turn down two to three brides a day. I can't have fun making promises I can't keep' , confided the manager of a boutique of wedding dresses to France Info last July. An unprecedented situation that is not ready to get better, given the high inflation due in particular to the war in Ukraine. Marriage professionals face it as in other sectors of activity. The repercussions are already visible on certain services.

10-20% off wedding dresses

In this context, the prices of wedding dresses have actually increased: by 10 to 20% depending on the brand, report our colleagues from The voice of the North . This price increase also affects room hirers for ceremonies, who are affected by the rise in energy prices, but also the 'caterer' item which represents on average a little less than half of the budget of a wedding. . Be that as it may, this price increase does not seem to be holding back the bride and groom. This year, the average cost of a wedding has increased from 12,400 euros in 2021 to 13,700 euros in 2022 , according to Stéphane Seban, the organizer of the Salon du Mariage.