Share your Christmas gift lists with this app!

To simplify Christmas gift lists and also find inspiration for what to give to your children or loved ones, the Inzpocket application is ideal. What exactly is it for? What are the benefits of using it? Details.

 Share your Christmas gift lists with this app!

Approaching Christmas , the children are already starting to make their gift list for the man with the red beard and his elves. For families, the famous quest to find THE gift to offer also begins. If the parents are nice, they blow a few ideas to the relatives who do not know what to offer to the young children, nor to the older ones. But what if the solution to avoiding some panic and missed purchases was in a simple app? Inzpocket boasts of being the app that makes Christmas easier for families.

What is the Inzpocket app for?

The concept behind Inzpocket is quite simple, it takes the idea of ​​online baby gift lists. On a single secure site, Inzpocket , children will be able to create their Christmas gift list by selecting from more than 200 partner merchant sites the games and toys that they would like to receive. Once their 2.0 list is ready, parents can share it in a few clicks with other family members . They can also make their purchases directly from the list by clicking on a product that appears in the list of gifts. Furthermore, there is the possibility of creating an online kitty to finance an expensive gift, such as a musical instrument or a game console. And again parents can share the link with people who wish to participate.

How to use Inzpocket?

The Inzpocket site is accessible on computer but also on mobile. It is possible to create an application shortcut on your mobile phone. For it, 'if you are on an iPhone, go to the site then on the 'share' icon, choose 'add to the home screen' and confirm' , says the site. The application will then be directly integrated into your mobile home screen. 'If you are on Android, go to the site, then at the top right menu 'burger', then 'add to home screen' and confirm.'