Serge Lama stops his career: tragic accident, death of his wife, Luana, all about the singer

Serge Lama bows out. The 79-year-old singer told RTL that he was ending his career, with regret. And for good reason, the artist 'suffers every day'... An accident, which occurred in his youth, still pursues him.

  Serge Lama stops his career: tragic accident, death of his wife, Luana, all about the singer

It is very sad news that Serge Lama announces this September 16, 2022. The singer, now 79, said at the microphone of RTL that he was stopping his career: ' There is a moment when things stop. You have to know that we are getting old. My body hurts me a lot. I have many problems inherent in the passage of time. A moment ago he you have to know how to stop rather than being stopped by things . So I decided that it was finished . It's a whole set of things '. The interpreter of I am sick, almost octogenarian, finds it difficult to separate himself from his public, but he knows that he no longer really has a choice.

Serge Lama 'suffers every day', an accident in question

' There is something that hurts, but at the same time, it is the respect of the public “, he added. His health being “ too weak ', the singer, who is releasing his new album To like , on October 7, will not tour to defend his ultimate opus, with regret. ' I've been on tour and I can't anymore. It is too hard. I can't do this anymore “, he detailed. Before adding: “ That is to say that every day, I have pain. Every day, I suffer, I sleep badly and it's incompatible with a tour '.

This is not the first time that Serge Lama has mentioned his failing health. The singer had already spoken of his suffering in It's up to you , in 2020.' You know, my right leg has carried me for 55 years. My left leg feels like I have a prosthesis, I haven't felt it since the car accident I suffered where my girlfriend died, where there was Enrico Macias' brother... 55 years on the same leg is a lot ', he said, in reference to the car accident in which he found himself in 1965 near Aix-en-Provence. Subsequently, he was immobilized for a year and a half and operated on 14 times .

Despite the announcement of the end of his career, Serge Lama does not exclude the possibility of finding his fans by singing for a TV show , like the singer Renaud , who had celebrated his 70th birthday by performing on stage for a concert broadcast on France 2, last May. A last ray of hope?

Serge Lama 'thrown himself' into his new and latest album

The artist is estimated happy to ' to be able to sing this album already , which would not be at all the case for everyone at almost 80 years old, since I was still a man of voice '. As for his new opus, he is satisfied with the result.' I threw myself into it, I wrote songs, I think, which are quite interesting. Like that, I won't have any regrets “, he explained. Despite this end of career, Serge Lama is happy to be able to take time with his wife Luana Santonino , 45, his manager, whom he married in 2021.” Luana knows the things that suit me . We learned from each other, for the best...and the best. It's the truth, not bluster “, he confided to Gala .

Serge Lama: les femmes de sa vie

The singer has also started his romance with Luana alors que sa first wife, Michele Annie , who died in 2016, was still alive. But if Serge Lama and his first wife remained married until her death, their couple had died out a long time ago. ' We hadn't been together for years. Our 'body story' was over “, he confided to Paris Match . ' Michele was everything to me. This woman was unique and irreplaceable. She was the lover, the confidant (...) She was my wife, my mother and my best friend all at the same time. I entrusted everything to him... “, added the artist. As for his son Frédéric, 41 years old, had no trouble accepting the union of his father and his new mother-in-law, according to the secrets of the singer.

Serge Lama: his opinion on euthanasia

If Serge Lama's health is declining, he prefers not to think about death. Invited to comment on l' euthanasia , which has returned to the public debate since Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of a citizens' convention on the end of life, the singer declared at the microphone of RTL: ' My opinion is rigged. Because I would be enough for a solution of this order if I was all alone... But since I'm with Luana, I don't know. I don't want to think about things like that... Besides, I still find myself drinkable enough for the current of my existence. .'

And to add: But yes, I think it's totally possible. This is also something that is wrong with what I think. Me, I'm a believer, so it doesn't go with my deep nature. I don't think we're going away and it's over. I think there is something '.