Self-tanning face: how to choose it well and apply it perfectly?

Do you dream of looking good no matter the season? Then self-tanner for the face is your best ally. When to apply it? How to prepare your skin? Which texture to choose? How to apply it without streaking? We tell you everything.

  Face self-tanner: how to choose it and how'appliquer parfaitement ?

Nothing like a little spray tan on the face to have a nice golden tan without depleting your sun capital. It is the product to bet on to give the impression of returning from vacation, from our bathroom. But you still have to know how to apply it correctly so as not to end up with an orange complexion, an uneven effect or with demarcations. Here are the right steps to follow

When to apply self-tanner on the face?

The good thing about self tanner is that it can be applied anytime, even on the face! If we want to use it after her morning skincare routine , ' it is important to skip all exfoliation steps, including lotions and serums containing WHAT? , BHA or PHA (exfoliating acids) ' says Michaella Bolder, because they can make the tan uneven. To look good when you wake up, you can apply it before to sleep . In this case, we avoid retinol products ' in the evening, as they are not compatible with self-tanners. Alternatively, they can be applied to the face t out all year round , whether summer or winter.

How to prepare your skin?

First of all, make sure you have a well hydrated skin opting for an ultra-nourishing moisturizer. Hydration will allow the product to better adhere to the epidermis. And especially, ' we continue to hydrate daily to maintain a tanned complexion as long as possible 'explains Michaella Bolder. The other essential step is the scrub , preferably mild, to remove dead cells. It is carried out the day before the application of the self-tanner or a few days earlier. Right before applying self-tanner, the St. Tropez expert recommends ' pass the face under very cold water to close the pores ' .

Which texture to choose?

Spray, mist, jelly, mousse, wipes, drops… There are many textures in the face self-tanning section. Choosing yours is actually a matter of preference! ' Each formula contains different ingredients and therefore may work better for specific skin types or concerns. 'says the expert. According to her, ' the drops of Sun tanning are excellent for all skin types ' but for example ' the driest skin will prefer a serum, a gel or a lotion ' which are generally enriched with moisturizing active ingredients while ' mousse is best for oily skin '. She also recommends the use of a mist for those in a hurry.

How to apply it streak-free?

Once the skin is clean and cleansed, it's time to apply! For the face, the best is to go step by step . ' It is always better to apply several light coats rather than one thick coat. 'says the specialist. We start by applying a hazelnut at the level of the nose before spreading it evenly outwards. Do not hesitate to take the time to ' rub it well into the skin to get a natural and healthy tan '. It is possible to use a glove or a brush, but the application of the product will be more precise with both hands. Do not forget the neck, the ears and the area around the eye contour to avoid demarcations. However, we take care of do not put on the hairline and eyebrows . Otherwise, you can always remove the deposits using an eyebrow brush or a wet cotton swab. After each use, wash your hands well with soap. Last step and not least: let it act for the indicated time.

Why doesn't self tanner work on my face?

If the self-tanner does not take on the face, it is quite simply that the skin has not been well prepared beforehand. Note also that, as Michaella Bolder recalls: ' our beauty routines promote the cell renewal ' which is already faster on the skin of the face. It therefore loses its tan faster than other parts of the body. This is why products intended for the face are designed for regular application. not visible enough, it is possible to increase in intensity by choosing the 'medium' level instead of 'light' or the 'dark' instead of 'medium'. Also, always use a product specially designed for the face, because a body spray tan is not suitable for this area.

Thanks to Michaella Bolder, tanning expert for the St. Tropez brand.Source