Selena Gomez displays her pimples without complex on Instagram

Selena Gomez advocates, once again, self-acceptance with new photos of her natural. Without makeup, with curly hair and displaying her imperfections, the singer is dazzlingly beautiful.

 Selena Gomez displays her pimples without complex on Instagram

While some stars always look flawless on social media and red carpets, selena gomez favorite play the natural card. The proof with these new photos that do good.

Selena Gomez reveals herself without makeup

On her Instagram account, Selena Gomez posted yesterday, February 1, 2023, a series of selfies that her fans really liked. The reason: the naturalness of the singer who showed herself without filters or artifice. We discover the former Disney star with her curly hair natural, without an ounce of makeup and with a red pimple under the nose. The 30-year-old star isn't afraid to show her true colors and fully accepts its imperfections , with ease. As proof, she simply wrote ' Me '('Me' in French) in the caption of this Instagram publication which has garnered a host of compliments.

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Selena Gomez accepts her body as it is

With her new photos, Selena Gomez continues her work of self-acceptance. The American recently responded to her critics who constantly comment his weight gain. In a live Instagram, following her appearance on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2023 which were held on January 10, Selena Gomez said: ' I'm a bit fat right now because I had fun during the holidays'. Far from being offended by the many criticisms, the singer added: ' but we don't care', before bursting out laughing with her little sister Grace, also present in the video. That is well said !