Ségolène Royal indignant at being dismissed from BFMTV, Fogiel responds with a spade!

The media war is declared between Ségolène Royal and Marc-Olivier Fogiel. The one who was indignant at being 'censored by BFMTV', was in fact immediately challenged by the general manager of the channel. And his response was scathing.

  Ségolène Royal indignant at'être écartée de BFMTV, Fogiel lui répond par une pique !

Ségolène Royal is definitely all the controversies at the moment. And it is not his public altercation with Marc-Olivier Fogiel that will extinguish the fire. The former PS candidate for the 2007 presidential election and the general manager of the news channel BFM TV war has been waged in the media and on social networks since September 11.

Ségolène Royal 'censored' from BFMTV?

Guest this Sunday, September 11, 2022 on the show C media on France 5, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, general manager of BFMTV since 2019, hinted that Ségolène Royal had just lost her place as a political columnist on her channel . A radical decision that the chain claims not to have acted after the controversial position of the 68-year-old politician on the war in Ukraine, but well after she failed him.

As a reminder, last September on this same channel, she questioned the existence of war crimes in Ukraine, even going so far as to denounce a 'propaganda' from the kyiv side. South France 5, Marc-Olivier Fogiel explained that after going off the road about the existence of war crimes in Ukraine, Ségolène Royal had 'committed to returning' . 'In the end she didn't, she did it on a competing channel. Which is not the problem (…) It just happens that she crashed the appointment in which she was supposed to come to explain' , he first announced. 'She crashed the meeting in which she was supposed to speak. And there, we decided, I decided, that the bond of trust with Ségolène Royal was broken', he continued. Before concluding firmly: 'It's not the subject itself but it's the fact that nothing is wrong with this story' .

But here is an explanation that does not pass with the former Minister of the Environment. On September 13, on Twitter, the latter said to herself 'censored' by BFMTV . 'So therefore, I am censured from BFM TV for having spoken forbidden truths and, an even more serious crime, for having accepted another television channel to talk about it. Bizarre authoritarianism for any media supposed to respect freedom of expression and opinion. Thanks to all the supporters' , she lamented on the social network.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel's cash response to Ségolène Royal

And the least we can say is that the response from the 53-year-old journalist and producer was not long in coming. Neither one nor two, he replied to the Tweet of the former Poles ambassador.

'Too bad it didn't happen like that... as our exchanges attest. Good luck for the future' , he first briefly wrote. Before posting a second message: 'You are not censored. We will continue to invite you. On the other hand, we are ceasing our collaboration since you are not keeping your commitments. See you soon on our set as a guest…' . To be continued in the next episode.

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