Sébastien, the dancer candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

He is a real artist who is competing this year for the Best Pastry Chef. Discover the dancer Sébastien and his talent for cake design.

  Sébastien, the dancer candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Creative, Sebastian for sure it is. the candidate from Best Pastry Chef season 11 on M6 will make you spin with its cakes...

What is Sebastian's background?

After training in dance at the Toulouse Conservatory, Sébastien went to the Paris Conservatory, where he obtained a very good honor upon leaving. He danced on big stages, including the Paris Opera, which could help him know how to manage the pressure under the tent. At 37, Sébastien now lives in Aveyron, more precisely in Saint-Affrique. He is a choreographer and dance teacher there. With his daughter Louane, he carries out many artistic activities, such as painting, sewing or embroidery. It was for her that he started baking. He made cakes for her and for her mother, and it was the young girl who encouraged him to register for the Best Pastry Chef this year. The candidate for the 2022 edition, who can be described as a dreamer, a poet, in short an artist, specializes in cake design. He is as gifted in the art of decorating cakes as he is in pirouettes, and he intends to prove it to the jury composed of Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. This papa poule, sensitive and creative, combines artistic qualities and pastry techniques. A good contender for the cup.

His world of pastry

Sébastien is an artist both on stage and in the kitchen. This cake design enthusiast makes spectacular cakes, especially for birthdays. An all-chocolate tree trunk cake with a creamy salted butter caramel; a sublime waterfall cake; a very cute hedgehog; a pumpkin dessert cake with brownie, whipped vanilla ganache, praline and peanut butter, sweet cocoa paste and mirror glaze… We oscillate between adorable and impressive, or even both. Sébastien also stands out for his beautifully decorated cookies. Whether it's tropical cats on flamingos and pelicans; the burger with tomato, salad and meat; the adorable Father and Mrs. Claus or its theme “Alice in Wonderland”, we melt for these cartoon characters, which seem to be drawn and do not lack color or expression. We note for example his sadomaso biscuits for Valentine's Day and his Cyril Lignac and Mercotte . Fun treats! The dancer does not forget the more classic cakes: a Christmas shortbread house, Liège waffles, mojito macaroons, cannelés, a lemon meringue pie , a success with two dacquoises, beer and cider apple pies or an ultra vanilla flan. You will have plenty to do (and enjoy) with Sébastien!

What is Sébastien's Instagram for Best Pastry Chef?

Sébastien Montagne has the account @seb_lmp11 on Instagram. He mainly publishes photos of his cakes. Cake design, decorated cookies, tested recipes… His creations are mouth watering and very good point: he often describes his cakes, the time spent and his inspiration. Rather appreciable to have indications to try to reproduce his work. But the choreographer does not forget to post about his other passion, which is dance: graceful positions, galas and preparations for performances. His daughter Louane is of course present through moments of tenderness and laughter that they can share around Halloween pastries or a macaroon tasting for two. And the candidate for the Best Pastry Chef shares his delusions and favorites of the moment like the singer, very talented in dancing, Suzane at the Victoires de la Musique, humorous videos during confinement… A well-fed account that likes to share!

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