Sébastien, the cake daddy of the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Father hen and bon vivant, Sébastien arrives in the Best Pastry Chef with all his joie de vivre. Will his enthusiasm give him a good run?

  Sébastien, the cake daddy of the Best Pastry Chef 2022

The Best Pastry Chef comes back with new candidates highly motivated. What's in store for us Sebastian , the wine-loving epicurean?

What is Sébastien's background as Best Pastry Chef?

Originally from Burgundy, Sébastien now lives in Toulouse. At 47, he is the boss of a cybersecurity start-up in the Pink City. He simply explains what his job consists of: “I make sure that companies are not ransomed by hackers”. An increasingly widespread blackmail that he does everything to prevent. This father hen of two daughters loves spending time with his children, having fun and baking for them. It's been 5 years since he got into it and his passion has led him to become the Best Pastry Chef. Not bad… Which defines Sébastien well: an epicurean who loves to cook… And eat! His vision of a good evening? Gourmet and with a good bottle! Because it is not just the cakes that make him capsize, he is also a great wine lover, and a fine connoisseur. The love of his daughters, his ingenuity and his pugnacity make him a tenacious candidate for this 11th season.

His world of pastry

Sébastien likes simple creations as much as more complex creations. He can therefore also prepare a panna cotta with mango than a good banoffee with caramelized hazelnuts and chocolate crumble or a Saint-Honoré Fleur inspired by Cédric Grolet. One of the best pastry chefs in the world prepares this specialty with crispy filo pastry, caramel cabbage, custard vanilla and vanilla whipped cream. A challenge that didn't scare Sébastien... He also tapped into the world of Amaury Guichon by cooking a delicious coconut. He made a very beautiful chocolate dessert with crunchiness and crunch or even a beautiful Christmas cake in the shape of Santa's coat. Audacity with pleasure always in sight!

What is Sébastien's Instagram for Best Pastry Chef?

On his Seb Tou account, @sebastien_lmp11 , Sébastien shares his escapades, his travels and his discoveries, but also his daily life with his two treasures, his daughters. Outings in the heart of Toulouse, a trip to the seaside with a book and especially good restaurants are to be admired on his publications. In addition to his own pastries, Sébastien shares his favorites and sources of inspiration, such as the 'praline wafer' cake from Nina Metayer . But the bon vivant publishes almost as many cakes as wines on Instagram (if not more)! Good bottles are pictured alongside dishes that pair well. Advice welcome for amateurs.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr