Sébastien Bras releases his very first cookbook

On October 6, 2022, Sébastien Bras will unveil his very first cookbook, entitled 'Bras: the taste of Aubrac'. Here's everything you need to know about this book.

  Sébastien Bras releases his very first cookbook

[Updated September 6, 2022 at 4:31 p.m.] This is a great first for Sebastien Bras ! On October 6, the chef of the restaurant Le Suquet in Laguiole will release its cookbook, tracing the history of one of the most influential culinary establishments in the world.

Throughout the pages, Sébastien Bras will come back to the family history of the restaurant, in particular on the transmission between him and his father. Michael Bras, but also the genesis of certain emblematic dishes such as the now famous Flowing Au Chocolat where the Gargouillou, a dish bringing together around sixty vegetables, herbs, leaves and flowers. Of course, Sébastien Bras' book will also be a collection of original recipes, paying homage to the native Aubrac over the seasons. The book, published by Phaidon editions, will be sold for €49.95.

Biography of a child from Aubrac

Born on November 11, 1971 in Laguiole, Sébastien Bras is deeply linked to cooking. 'I have always lived in the kitchen of the family restaurant. I entered it for the first time, the day my parents returned from maternity!' proclaims Sébastien Bras on his site. Alongside his younger brother, also a cook, he spends most of his free time in the kitchen with his father, Michel. 'Otherwise, I strolled on the Aubrac or went with my farming grandparents' , he points out to the Arts and Gastronomy site.

After training at the Institute Paul Bocuse , in Lyon where he learned the basics of management and marketing, he joined the family restaurant in 1994 (at age 23). Founded and imagined by his parents (Ginette and Michel), Le Suquet is the gourmet beacon nestled at the top of Aubrac, a starred monument for decades.

Where is Sebastian Bras' restaurant?

Since 2009, he has been at the helm of the establishment alongside Véronique, his wife. Both brought modernity to the establishment, such as the creation of a hotel with 11 rooms and 2 apartments. This building with large bay windows offering a unique view of the Aveyron is now fully part of the region's architectural heritage. Closed from November to March, the place is reborn with the arrival of spring. Customers then rediscover all the richness of this place.

For 18 years, the Bras family has achieved the highest honor at the guide Michelin , i.e. three stars. In 2017, Sébastien wanted to return them and no longer appear on the guide to have 'free spirit' and less than 'pressure'. The latter did not wish to follow the chef's wishes and continues to reference it… with 'only' two stars. A decision 'laughable' according to Michael and 'ridicule' for Sébastien who is always sold out for lunch and dinner.

In 2021, Michel and Sébastien Bras are embarking on a new adventure… in Paris! Within the new Bourse de Commerce, which houses the Pinault Collection, the Halle aux Grains is a place of life that promises to be hectic. Open all year round, this restaurant-café gives pride of place to a cuisine where the grain will give its impetus. Finally, in 2022, the duo will open a restaurant in Japan. Located 1h30 from Tokyo, it will focus on plants and new vegetables.

The living kitchen

Let's start from the first postulate: Sébastien's cooking is in osmosis with that of Michel, his dad. 'I enjoy working with products with low added value' , explains the one who defends the kitchen 'little nothings'. Milk skin, breadcrumbs, pumpkin seeds… become prestigious elements on the chef's plates. 'I look for things sp ontaneous , alive , sensual , which affect the heart more than the head.'

The terroir of Aubrac feeds almost entirely its cuisine. Besides the garden of Lagardelle, that of his father Michel, Sébastien draws his inspiration from the products that surround him: suckling lamb, Aubrac beef, freshwater fish, Laguiole cheese, aligot… without forgetting seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sébastien Bras' cult recipes

Gargouillou of young vegetables is the cult dish of Le Suquet. Real fireworks that are constantly renewed with the seasons, this daily composition of plants picked in the garden was born in the 80s. Fern, amaranth, white borage, garlic rock, clover, cauliflower marrow... elements are simply linked by an eggnog and a ham juice gently cooked in broth. ' Its preparation occupies eight people on a daily basis. Especially since the renewal of work on vegetables is permanent. We never offer the same recipe twice.

Endives poached in saffron, marinated char is a more recent creation by Sébastien, but very important to him. Prepared in a broth with saffron, cittern (fennel) and various herbs, the endives are combined with fillets of char cooked in coarse salt mixed with sugar and a herb-based vinaigrette. 'Endive is a product that is often misunderstood, because of its bitterness. This flavor is nevertheless inherent to the product and I like to rediscover it' , specifies the chef on the site.

Finally, it is impossible to leave the table without mentioning the potato wafers, hazelnut butter cream and salted butter caramel, or the incredible Coulant, a dish created by Michel in 1981 and which symbolizes a family memory of skiing. Since then, it has been reinterpreted dozens of times by Sébastien, proof of the subtlety of this mythical dessert. His latest blueberry version topped with beetroot ice cream was even blown to Sébastien by his son Alban, who was in the kitchen that day...

They are compte Instagram

Here again, Sébastien Bras opened the doors to his universe on Instagram. If he does not manage it directly, he shows all the facets of his daily life on @brasofficiel . The making-of of the filming of Top Chef, the herb and vegetable harvests in the Lagardelle garden, moments of creation... The account cultivates the 'Bras spirit' and promotes Aubrac, a land of infinite inspiration...

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