Scar, dull complexion … Léa Djadja confides in her physical complexes

A showy scar, a dull complexion, eyes that are sometimes sleepy: Léa Djadja opens up frankly about her complexes, which she tries to overcome thanks to the tips she reveals in her book. Confidences.

 Scar, dull complexion … Léa Djadja confides in her physical complexes

Léa Djadja released a book on August 30, 2022 entitled Learn to love yourself in 365 days , published by Marabout, in which she speaks in particular of her physical complexes. L' makeup expert Incredible Transformations Also think it has some flaws.

Léa Djadja overcomes her complexes

Beauty routine, sports challenges, cooking recipes or well-being mantras: Léa Djadja has gathered in her book a multitude of tips to feel good in body and mind throughout the year. Because the show's make-up expert Incredible Transformations broadcast on M6 knows that ' loving each other is a daily job ', as she explained to PurePeople . L' wife of singer Black M also has daily doubts that affect his well-being. 'There are days with and days without. But I do everything to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. I think that like every human being, I have certain complexes , whether interior or exterior. I know that if it's physical, on my face, I would know how to hide it. And if it's inside, I have a lot of sentences that allow me to pass over' , she told the site.

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Léa Djadja's scar

Superb mother of two children, Léa Djadja can also have doubts when she looks in the mirror. ' It may be, one day I'm badly awake and I find that my eyes are very sleepy, I feel very tired, a little dull. Another day it might be on my body, 'cause I have a visible scar ', she told PurePeople . The 32-year-old image consultant works on her well-being thanks to the tips in her book to counter these bad thoughts because she knows that ' it may be minimal but it's true that it can rot daily life '.