Scandal at the town hall of Paris: an escort does her little business in the WC and films herself for Only Fans! (Anne Hidalgo treated as a pimp)

Dare! A sex worker, known as Icy Diamond, posted a video of paid sex on her 'Only Fans' account. She declares that it took place at the town hall of Paris, where she was invited for an associative event...

  Scandal at the town hall of Paris: an escort does her little business in the WC and films herself for Only Fans! (Anne Hidalgo treated as a pimp)

It's an embarrassing story to say the least if confirmed. Last Saturday evening, March 11, 2023, it was Pride Night . For the occasion, the MAG Young LGBT+ association , at the origin of the event, was invited to the town hall of Paris. Icy Diamond - escort, transgender and X actress, only 22 years old - was one of the guests at the town hall party. She has posted many photos of her in lascivious poses on the steps inside the building, but that's not all... She then uploaded a paid video where she performs a blowjob in the toilets ensuring that it happened in the town hall.

If it is not possible to confirm the veracity of his allegation, this testimony makes the associations that participated in the celebration uncomfortable. The principal concerned fully assumes her shock action and justifies herself. Dividing words...' The evening was open to the public with tickets purchased on the Internet, said the town hall. The City is not the originator of the guest list “, replies the municipality.

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Why did Icy Diamond shoot and post this video?

It's a huge publicity stunt, but for what purpose? According to BFMTV, she has wanted to shock the Web to challenge the politicians and particularly the town hall of Paris - led by socialist Anne Hidalgo - on the increasingly difficult working conditions of prostitutes. ' In Paris, every two years a sex worker is murdered in the most total indifference ' she says at the microphone of the news channel. It's a militant act according to her.

She seeks to denounce' repression with municipal decrees anti-vans in the Bois de Boulogne, the minutes distributed to street workers, all they manage to do is push us back into hiding and make people more precarious' . She evokes the decrees taken in 2012 when Bertrand Delanoë was the mayor of Paris and Anne Hidalgo, deputy.

As related The Parisian , she also directly challenged Anne Hidalgo: “ Madam Hidalgo, you must be held to account as a procurer since not only do you profit from prostitution with your arrests, but you harbor it on your premises!' And to prove her words, she published a video of her doing a blowjob that she claims to have done in the toilets of the town hall for money…

A militant action that does not please everyone

The national coordinator of STRASS (sex worker's union) , Thierry Schaffauser admits that not everyone in his group is not necessarily comfortable with the act of the young woman who is a member. On the other hand, they all share the same claims. ' If on the form there can be disagreements, I think that on the other hand, on the bottom, everyone agrees on the analysis and the criticisms that it relates to the city of Paris ' he reported to our colleagues.

He himself has some pretty harsh words for the mayor and her management of sex workers. The town hall for its part also reacted to journalists from BFM Paris. If the facts went well in the premises of the town hall, a complaint could be filed . For now the team Anne Hidalgo regrets the instrumentalization of ' this beautiful event organized by the MAG Jeunes LGBT with the support of the City of Paris for the benefit of the fight against LGBTQIphobia '.