Sarah Biasini celebrates her 45th birthday: Overprotective mother, Memories of Romy Schneider, 'Ugliness', Love at first sight

Sarah Biasini turns 45 on July 21. Her childhood after her mother's death, her complexes, her partner, her daughter, the miracle that followed the desecration of Romy Schneider's grave... and everything you didn't know about the actress.

  Sarah Biasini Turns 45: Overprotective Mother, Memories of Romy Schneider,"Laideur", Coup de foudre

Sarah Biasini celebrates her 45th birthday July 21. The daughter of Romy Schneider is above all a talented actress, a sensitive author and a devoted mother. Very early on, she was confronted with heavy tragedies, starting with the accidental death of his brother David , who died at age 14, then by the tragic death of his mother . But what do you know of the discreet actress? His childhood after the death of his mother, his career, his attitude of ' overprotective mother towards his own daughter... Secrets and confidences of Sarah Biasini.

Sarah Biasini: life after her mother's death

Sarah Biasini was born in 1977 in the Var, into a family like no other. She's there daughter of press officer Daniel Biasini and Romy Schneider .

At only four and a half years old, Sarah Biasini is struck by a terrible mourning. She lost her famous mother, who died in 1982. After the tragedy, her paternal grandparents welcomed her to their home in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. His grandmother then quickly becomes a mother figure for the little girl. ' I have a special place in his heart. I am indeed his first granddaughter, and his daughter at the same time . It is to her that I ask all the questions of women, of future mothers “, she confided to The Illustrated .

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Sarah Biasini has almost 'no memory' of Romy Schneider

Much to her dismay, Sarah Biasini has very few memories of Romy Schneider. “For a long time, when people asked me if I had memories of my mother, I replied that I preferred to keep them for myself. The truth is I have almost no early childhood memories “, she explained to Illustrated.

'I wanted it for a long time, like it was abnormal, like I couldn't be his daughter if I didn't remember anything. When you have almost no memory of someone, you don't feel entitled to talk about it. “, continued the actress.

Sarah Biasini: her first steps in comedy

After studying art history, Romy Schneider's daughter wants follow in the footsteps of his famous mother . She flies to Los Angeles and taking acting lessons which will lead her, two years later, to her first role. In 2004, she starred in the TV movie Julie, Chevalier de Maupin , in which she gives the reply to Pierre Arditi .

Sarah Biasini: her love at first sight

In 2005, the actress made her theatrical debut in Neil Simon's play, Barefoot In The Park . A real thunderbolt for the boards. ' The theater was not a conscious choice, but I feel so good there that I can't imagine leaving the boards . I feel more comfortable on a stage than on a set. I've lost the habit of the camera. I like the instantaneousness of theatre, the voice that is projected in a room, the sacred side, very exhilarating and very jubilant “, she explained to The Illustrated .

Sarah Biasini, who became pregnant after the desecration of her mother's grave

Sarah Biasini is the companion of the director Gil Lefeuvre and becomes mother of a little Anna , in February 2018. It was after a particularly painful event that the actress learned of her pregnancy. In May 2017, the graves of Sarah Biasini's brother, David, and Romy Schneider are desecrated , in the cemetery of Boissy-sans-Avoir, in the Yvelines. Shortly after, she gets pregnant .

A mere coincidence, really? ' I asked myself several questions. What does this event tell me? Capable of procreating for more than twenty-five years , without contraception for ten years, two unsuccessful insemination attempts, now it works ?' Asked Sarah Biasini to The Illustrated . ' Was reburying my mother liberating for my body? Although part of me understood the chance part of this whole story, another part tried to make sense of it. “, she added.

Sarah Biasini, 'overprotective mother'

Today, the actress describes herself as a ' overprotective mother , who sometimes confuses his needs with those of his child ', she confided before explaining: ' When we lost our mother and brother as young as me, we develop an acute awareness of the impermanence of beings and things '.

Sarah Biasini: her 'turning point'

In 2021, Sarah Biasini released her first book, The Beauty of Heaven . This year is very special for the actress, since she then 43 years , the age of his mother when he died. ' The age match , I think of it, of course. It was my father who first warned me that it would do something to me, two or three years ago. There were the obvious reasons. But it also made me realize something that had escaped me: my mother was still young when she left. So, of course, being 44, it's disturbing, like a turning point for me ', she told Gala .

Sarah Biasini 'not as beautiful' as her mother?

Sarah Biasini does not hide that the her mother's beauty remains a heavy legacy to bear today. In her book, the actress explains that she is not ' not as beautiful as her '. And to detail: ' The center of the face takes after my mother. Not identical, but the same fleshy mouth, small nose, eyes of I don't know what shape, but expressive, wide forehead. From my father, I get my jawbones. A very square jaw, of a man (...) My own face has the shape of a trapezium. It's strange, sometimes I find it original, singular. Sometimes I find that frankly ugly '.