Santa Claus: where does he live, origin, names of his reindeer?

Santa Claus is one of children's favorite characters. Mysterious and magical, it captivates and intrigues: but what else can it do the rest of the year? Here are all the secrets of this dear old gentleman!

  Santa Claus: where does he live, origin, names of his reindeer?

The father Christmas is an elderly gentleman who peacefully spends his retirement in Finland, eating cookies with his wife, Mrs. Claus, and surrounded by their pets, Santa's famous reindeer. Throughout the year, he rests and has a good time with his faithful companions, the elves, but come November, Santa Claus resumes service to ensure the delivery of millions of gifts to thousands of children around the world. . To achieve this feat, done in just 24 hours, Santa Claus takes his good old sleigh and his famous hood out of his garage. But don't think that Santa Claus is too old to fulfill his mission! Like all magical characters, he is ageless and irreplaceable. Even if during its history it has changed a lot. Did you know that Santa Claus was originally dressed in green? Do you know the names of his reindeer? We reveal to you the story of Santa Claus, and all his secrets.

It all starts with Saint Nicholas

In the region corresponding to present-day Turkey, in the third century AD, the Bishop Nicholas of Myrtle has a benevolent image. Equipped with a butt and a red suit, he rides a donkey throughout the region. After the rescue of three children, he acquires a reputation that goes beyond the borders of Asia Minor. Even today, December 6 is celebrated throughout eastern France and Europe. . The better-behaved children receive local sweets such as gingerbread, while the threat of the Bogeyman is brandished to calm the pranksters.

Santa Claus, green at first

Later, in the Anglo-Saxon countries appears a funny character. No, it's not an optical effect and you're not color blind. In a tale by Charles Dickens published in 1843, Father Christmas is green before his time: he wears a green cape and a crown of flowers . Also, even if he does not give gifts, he guarantees a better future. According to some specialists, the story is partly reminiscent of that of the god Oudin, from Norse tales, who rode on an eight-legged horse during the winter solstice.

When did Santa Claus turn red?

Over time, many authors will revisit these stories. First, in 1809, Washington Irving made him appear in dreams to Dutch emigrants. He suggests that they build the city of New York. The second degree dominates. Sinter class leaves his stick and makes himself up as a goblin. Moreover, he abandons his friend the donkey for more efficient equipment. Lyrical at will, the author specifies that he ' soars above the trees in a flying chariot '. Ten years later, in a poem written by Pastor Clement Clark Moore, Saint Nick transforms again: he takes a few centimeters in size and a wide smile lights up his bearded face. Accompanied by his eight reindeer, he makes the rounds of the chimneys . At the time, this story was only intended for a private circle. However, since it was a great success, an anonymous source decided to send it to the press. Since its publication on December 23, 1823, a visit to Saint Nicolas has been a dream for young and old. The legend is born!

When brands are interested in Santa Claus

Between 1838 and 1885, the character of Santa Claus is present on many drawings and engravings . Robert Weir began to sketch it, but the works of cartoonist Thomas Nast won international success: for Harper's Weekly , he will put it on stage, in the middle of making gifts or in constant contact with the children. Moreover, impatient to find him from year to year, the latter follow him on his trail.

At the beginning of the XXᵉ century, advertising developed and signs resorted to the talent of other prestigious designers. Precursor, Coca-Cola will seize this juicy market. Thus, under the talented pencil of Haddon Sunblom was born a fairytale santa claus . For the anecdote, the physique of his friend Lou Prentiss would have inspired him. For thirty years, he designed it from every angle. Well sheltered in the costume dear to Clement Clark Moore, his universe comes alive. The buckle of his belt is buckled!

Where does Santa Claus live?

For Americans, the North Pole is in the lead. Indeed, in 1886, George P. Webster spread a rumor: when he is not preparing for the delivery of toys, this dear Santa Claus has a whole logistical strategy. The author thinks that ' his home, during the long summer months, is hidden in the ice and snow of the North Pole '.

But in 1927, his theory will fall apart. A Finnish radio presenter will change course. Markus Rautio demands that research be concentrated in Lapland . On the one hand, this place is ideal for reindeer to feed. Then, the second argument is logistical: indeed, Santa Claus would collect his data on children from all over the world there. Live from Ear Mountain, he can' hear everything to know who was wise and who was not ' . Purpose-built to accommodate many celebrities, the Arctic Circle Hut was inaugurated in 1950 by Madame Roosevelt herself.

For half a century, a few kilometers from Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland), the santa claus village attracts millions of visitors. Between meeting at the top with the hero of our childhood and local specialties, this is the perfect trip for all those who have kept their child's soul.

What are the names of Santa's reindeer?

' Now! Dasher, now! Dancer, now! Prancer and Vixen, On! Comet, on! Cupid, on! Dunder and Blixem 'Do you recognize them? These are the eight reindeer of santa claus :

  • Tornado
  • Dancer
  • Anger
  • Dashing
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Thunder
  • Flash

Over the course of the stories, their personalities will gain in scope. Alternately amusing or kind to children, they remain magic animals . They are able to sneak through the stars. In 1939, a 9 and Run, Rudolph , appears in a tale by Robert Lewis May. Identifiable thanks to its luminous red nose, it is a valuable guide on Christmas night.

Other helpers of Santa Claus, the elves are of capital importance, especially in American folklore. Indeed, they are Santa's 'secret agents'. From year to year, they listen and report the confidences of the youngest. Until its final delivery, every effort will be made to personalize the content of the gift.

Manual activities around Santa Claus, to do with children

Santa Claus behind mythical songs and films

Tino Rossi's hit went around the world. Originally, it was intended only for the movie Fates by Richard Pottier (1946). If everyone has forgotten its scenario, the Christmas carol is a classic of the genre. Moreover, unconvinced by the lyrics, the artist had them changed at the last second. It is the consecration since Small Santa even earns a gold record for its performer!

The Santa Claus also inspires filmmakers. Thanks to Gérard Jugnot, he takes on the features of a deliciously quirky man who will make the whole of France laugh in Santa Clause is garbage ! Then, the traditional green suit will suit Alain Chabat like a glove in Santa & Cie . With catchy repartees, he gives us a resolutely modern version of the myth. As for Jim Carrey, he takes on the features of a diabolical Santa Claus in Le Grinch . Finally, in both parts of bad santa , the hero of our childhood is in full depression .