Santa Claus: A mistress says too much about her existence, threatened by parents, she files a complaint!

It's a mind-blowing story that was revealed by 'La Provence'. The teacher answered a student's question about the existence of Santa Claus. Her explanation was not appreciated by some parents who insulted her! She filed a complaint.

  Santa Claus: A mistress says too much about her existence, threatened by parents, she files a complaint!

The case seems to be straight out of a typical parody site Gorafi and yet, it is true.... A pupil of a double level class, CE2-CM1, asks the teacher if Santa Claus exists or not . She does not invalidate or confirm the information . She replies like many adults that Everyone is free to believe it or not. . The explanation seems, a priori, without controversy. Nevertheless, it was not to the liking of the parents of this class. On their private WhatsApp group, some were moved and others were much more virulent. ' Four assaulted her but the insults and threats mostly came from two parents “, explains one of the parents of students to BFMTV. The teacher was informed of the content of the messages and she decided to file a complaint for “ threats against an agent of a public service mission ', ' harassment' and 'outrage '.

Complaint from the mistress, sick leave and reaction from a mother

The two mothers targeted by the teacher's complaint received a legal warning according to BFMTV. The gendarmes, questioned by journalists from Free Midi , replied with humor that ' not having obtained an extension of their territorial jurisdiction, the Santa Claus would not be heard in this procedure .' The 57-year-old teacher, shaken by the case, is on sick leave since, although she has been supported by her colleagues at the Aubord establishment, near Nîmes. Subject closed ? Well no. One of the mothers, implicated, in turn filed a complaint against the teacher for ' abuse of her 8-year-old son “. According to BFMTV, the teacher would have grabbed the child by the wrist to bring him back to his place.

A school destabilized by this Santa Claus story

The teacher, who has been practicing for 36 years, arrived this fall in primary school. She has not resumed her post and is still on leave. A replacement has been assigned to continue the course of these CE2-CM1 courses. ' It started with a stupid debate that ended in a settling of accounts ', laments a parent of a student. Contacted, the director of the establishment strongly invoked his duty of reserve and refused to answer the questions of our colleagues. An investigation has been opened by the Nîmes prosecutor's office. It is currently in the course of the procedure Contacted by BFMTV, the rectorate and the town hall of the commune did not wish to express themselves on this subject.