Sandrine Rousseau booed during a demonstration in Paris: big clash with a colleague - VIDEO

Whistled at a rally in support of Iranian women after the death of Mahsa Amini, the ecologist who argues that all left-wing women present that day had been booed at the Paris rally, is tackled by his socialist colleague.

  Sandrine Rousseau booed during'une manifestation à Paris : gros clash avec une collègue - VIDEO

Sunday, October 2, many left-wing personalities and in particular the deputy of the 9th district of Paris Sandrine Rousseau, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure or the European deputy LFI Manon Aubry, attended a Demonstration in support of Iranian women Place de la République in Paris . But as she took the microphone to deliver her speech, Sandrine Rousseau was booed copiously by the crowd . Protests due to the positions of the deputy Nupes-EELV of Paris on the wearing of the veil. ' I am extremely intransigent vis-à-vis Islamism here in France and I have no problem saying so. What I stand for is the freedom of women everywhere. I was also extremely applauded. Women's freedom is never consensual, anywhere, and in any movement. But I'll defend her no matter what.' , she told the Parisian after his speech.

She claimed she wasn't the only one who got booed and angered Laurence Rossignol . On Twitter, a clash broke out between the two women.

Sandrine Rousseau, tackled by the socialist Laurence Rossignol

While the images of Sandrine Rousseau booed by the crowd were widely shared on social networks in the minutes following her speech, the ecologist was this Monday, October 3 the guest of the Grand Interview on France Inter. Sandrine Rousseau reaffirmed her immense support for Iranian women who risk their lives in their country – while they protest every day without a veil in front of the authorities – before returning to the boos of which she was the target. ' Already, I was invited to this event by the organizers. What happened yesterday was that the three women on the left who spoke, Manon Aubry but also Laurence Rossignol and myself, were whistled. Why in a protest in support of women, are women being hissed at? “asked the MP who retweeted this information a few hours later in the morning.

But Laurence Rossignol's response was not long in coming, a few minutes later Sandrine Rousseau was tackled by Laurence Rossignol. ' This is a lie ! To make believe that all the women would have been hissed is a manipulation. Let Sandrine Rousseau assume her positions and not try to get us all on her boat! ' denied the former minister and current senator of Oise on Twitter. And to add: ' I just heard @sandrousseau to pretend that I (like her) had been whistled at the Iran rally. It's wrong! and this video proves it! No offense to him, I even received applause. '

Refusing to admit what happened, Sandrine Rousseau hammered home on Twitter that she wasn't the only boo. ' There were whistles and applause. For everyone. Whistles were more important to @ManonAubryFr
and me. Less for @laurossignol and @faureolivier but everyone was
“, she maintained.

Sandrine Rousseau, back to the Bayou affair

Sandrine Rousseau also returned to another burning news of the moment and which concerns her directly: the internal situation of Europe ecology the greens since the accusations of psychological violence targeting Julien Bayou. The MP brought charges against him on It's up to you and was accused of doing justice in place of justice. The newspaper Release has also published a decried investigation in which we learn that a group of women had him under surveillance. To knock him down?

' In politics there is the question of ethics: what are our representatives, what are we asking of them? It's a political question, which is outside of justice ', she explained at the microphone of Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand. ' I refute the fact that Julien Bayou 'falls'. No one called for his resignation. The time of the investigation, I think it is good that he does not speak. Not speaking up is not dramatic. He himself decided to resign “, she clarified.