Sandrine Quétier celebrates her 52 years: companion, career, what becomes of her? We tell you everything about the ex-host of TF1

Sandrine Quétier celebrates her 52nd birthday on December 30, 2022! The opportunity to look back on the incredible career of the former host of TF1, between television, theater and rock band, discover everything there is to know about her private and professional life.

  Sandrine Quétier celebrates her 52 years: companion, career, what becomes of her? We tell you everything about the'ex-animatrice de TF1

Sandrine Quétier celebrates her 52nd birthday! Born December 30, 1970 in Paris, the former host of TF1 has a busy career. She was one of the channel's star faces from 2004 to 2017 , featuring shows like Dance with the stars , 50 minutes Inside with Nikos Aliagas , Ninja Warrior with Denis Brogniart and Christophe Beaugrand or even Top 100... with Christophe Deschavanne. In 2017, she ended her career on TF1 and starts as an actress then realizes her dream of a singer in a rock band.

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In which show did Sandrine Quétier make her debut?

The host's career began early, when she was only 24, she presented the th edition of the Keno game on France 3 in 1994 . His journey then takes him to the chain M6 , where she hosts The Trappers a 1996 one Politically rock , from 1997 to 2000. Before arriving on TF1 in 2004, she collaborated briefly with France Télévision.

During an interview with the magazine Public , in August 2022, she looks back on her long years on television. She claims she has ' don't really want to go back '. ' I had a great time there, but that's part of the principle of evolution... In recent years, I've been thinking about my life after, I anticipated my desires for music, fiction, theater . I wanted to go towards things that I hadn't done or had done very little, for lack of time. So it seemed logical to me to stop the TV, having the feeling of having done the trick “, she says.

In which series and films to play Sandrine Quétier?

After having stopped hosting TV shows, Sandrine Quétier turned to comedy. She confided to Public in August 2022: ' With my far-sighted Capricorn side, I put some money aside... I imagined the worst: 'What if for two years, I don't have a job!' Fortunately, I was able to shoot two months after the TV stopped '. She has acted in series and TV movies, such as:

  • Josephine the guardian angel , season 19, episode 97: A recomposed Christmas , 2018
  • perfect felonies , season 2, episode 10: Open heart , 2019
  • Murders in the Jura , 2019
  • Camping paradis , season 11, episode 6: Like mother, like daughters , 2020
  • Léo Matteï, Brigade of minors , season 8, episodes 3 and 4: A youthful mistake , 2021

In addition to the small screen, she comes ' to sign a piece in residence in Lyon , at the Parc de la Tête d'Or for the beginning of 2023. It's a comedy called 'Two days to break up' “, reveals the actress at Gala in 2022.

What will become of Sandrine Quétier in 2022?

Since August 2022, Sandrine Quétier has embarked on a whole new adventure. She announced on August 12 on her Instagram account that she the was going to co-produce a documentary on the theme of the environment . She then explained: Our beautiful adventure take shape on a Corsican beach. We are very proud to co-produce (...), The Climate Race, a crazy bet embodied by Christophe Santini and film by Franck Fougère and Seb Tibéri '.

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Sandrine Quétier's singing career and rock band

In parallel with her acting career, Sandrine Quétier is a singer, she started in the rock cover band The Jokers , for ten years. Now, she performs original songs in her group Molly Pepper , established in 2021.” I wanted to try things, even if it meant screwing up, then I started. I had to make a radical choice, to do these things that I assume today ', she told Gala in 2022. Her group performs all over France.

Who is Sandrine Quétier's boyfriend?

For several years, the actress and singer has shared her life with Sebastien Goales . He has been director of communication and partnerships for Orange Content, a subsidiary of the Orange telecom group which brings together OCS and Orange Studio, since 2007. The couple does not hesitate to make a few appearances at events, but remains very discreet about their private lives. Sandrine Quétier publishes from time to time memories with her dear and tender on her Instagram account and also photos of their little recomposed siblings, his two children as well as the two daughters of his companion, Salomé and Olympe.

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Is Sandrine Quétier pregnant?

The former TF1 host is not pregnant, but she is the mother of a girl and a boy she had with director Fabrice Michelin, her ex-companion. Lola and Gaston Michelin are 21 and 19 years old respectively. . Very proud of her children, she often shares photos with them on her Instagram account.

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Is Sandrine Quétier in a relationship with Jean-Baptiste Guégan?

Several rumors swirled about a possible relationship between the vocal lookalike of Johnny Hallyday , Jean-Baptiste Guégan and Sandrine Quétier. But in March 2020, during an interview with our colleagues from Current wife , the singer made things clear. ' I met Sandrine Quétier via Santi , who works at TF1 Musique, and Santi, you should know that he is above all a friend. I knew he was part of the Jokers group. We wanted a first part for my shows and I immediately thought of the Jokers. And Sandrine, well, she's the singer of the group, so she gladly accepted my invitation. '. He even adds: ' I have no relationship, apart from friendship, with Sandrine Quétier. That's all there is, plain and simple friendly ' .