Samuel Le Bihan and his girlfriend Stefania Cristian, again as a couple... 2 months after the breakup!

Samuel Le Bihan and Stefania Cristian formalized their breakup last August. But the 56-year-old actor and the 30-year-old model appeared on the red carpet, accomplices as on the first day...

  Samuel Le Bihan and his girlfriend Stefania Cristian, again as a couple... 2 months after the breakup!

And here we go again! Whereas Samuel Le Bihan had announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend, model Stefania Christian, last summer, everything suggests that the lovers have put the cover back ! The two landed together on the Cinéroman festival in Nice, this October 6, 2022, and posed, very accomplices, for photographers, on the red carpet. In addition, the actor, who had announced the breakup on Instagram, obviously deleted this post, since it is now untraceable!

Samuel Le Bihan : the end of the series Alex Hugo ?

If this chapter of his life does not seem to be closed, Samuel Le Bihan could, however, turn a completely different page, in the not so distant future. Featured in the series Alex Hugo since 2014, the comedian has confided without filter to Tele-Leisure . ' I'm not going to do this all my life. Otherwise one day it will be called 'Alex Hugo la Brocante '. Of course I'm thinking about the end ' , he confided . And to clarify: It will have to be a good outing. This series is really a slice of life, because it's the same technical teams every time. We see ourselves growing old. It's a slice of life that you also have to know how to end. Yes, I confess that this is something that I am slowly starting to think about '. But let the fans be reassured: ' For now, everything is okay '.

Samuel Le Bihan and Stefania Cristian had broken up

Before this flashback, Samuel Le Bihan had formalized his break with model Stefania Cristian , on August 7, on Instagram. ' There it's finished, we will no longer write our story together, it will be told each on our own . We loved to love each other so much, but It was not enough . I keep all our moments of happiness, our laughter, our jokes and our crazy dreams as a magnificent gift, one of those surprises that life has in store for you in secret. Thank you for everything you gave me, I will never forget it. I wish you to be happy as you deserve “, she confided, in the caption of a photo of the former couple.

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Samuel Le Bihan : Stefania Cristian 'adore' sa fille

A message that shows that the former lovebirds separated on good terms. After formalizing their relationship in December 2021, the 56-year-old comedian and 30-year-old actress were appeared several times in public , in particular at cannes festival , last May.

Quickly, the thirty-year-old got on well with the eldest daughter of Samuel Le Bihan, Angia, 10 years old , born of his former love with Daniela Beye and suffering from autism . ' I knew he was a good person and that my daughter would inevitably feel it, it happened very naturally (…). My daughter loves it and she loves my daughter “, he had declared at the microphone of the podcast of Tele-Leisure .