Salvatore Adamo was cold with Johnny Hallyday: he explains the reasons for their estrangement

Adamo Salvatore was a guest on the '8:30 p.m. Sunday' show on January 22. The opportunity for the singer to return to his little-known friendship with the late Johnny Hallyday. At one time, they were cold and all because of a song...

  Salvatore Adamo was cold with Johnny Hallyday: he explains the reasons for their estrangement

Savior Adam will release this Friday, January 27 his twenty-sixth studio album entitled In French Please . A true music enthusiast, he now has a career of sixty years to his credit and it seems that he is not yet close to retirement. 'I am invaded by music' , he told Laurent Delahousse on the set of 8:30 p.m. Sunday. On the occasion of the promotion of his latest album, he was invited to talk about his career. It is therefore impossible not to mention his friendship with Johnny Hallyday , which has had a few addicts...

Why did his friendship with Johnny Hallyday experience a slump?

'I make ten or fifteen melodies a night or a day. Even today, coming to the show in the taxi', he confided to Laurent Delahousse. If more proof of his love for music was needed, here it is. An artist who has traveled through the ages and who has many memories to share. He thus came across Claude Francois , Sheila, Chantal Goya, Jean-Jacques Debout and Sylvie Vartan while he was part of the band Hi buddies in the 60s. But he was also very close to Johnny Hallyday .

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Although the two artists never collaborated and had a different style, the two singing stars had a special relationship: ' With Johnny, we saw each other several times. I even went to his house, and he asked me for a song! ', details Adamo. He therefore says that he proposed a song to Johnny Hallyday which was none other than The night and the Taulier loved the idea .

The catch? The idea of ​​giving in The night - which is today one of the successes of Salvatore Adamo - to Johnny Hallyday was not to the taste of the artistic director of the artist. ' But when I told my art director that I wanted to give La nuit à Johnny, he was like, 'You're crazy! We can make it a success '' , he recalls. A change of plan which may have been the source of a falling out between the two artists. 'We drifted apart a bit, maybe because of that, but then we found each other,' he explains, adding that ' Johnny was a being absolutely good and very polite . He would find you in a restaurant, he would greet everyone, he would go around the table…'

Savalatore Adamo confides in his state of health

For his part, the 79-year-old singer is preparing for his disappearance... Indeed, Adamo had made terrible confidences in the columns of TV Star as to his relationship to death: 'I try not to think about it, but I'm ready to go. Life allowed me to do what I loved', he said then. During his passage through 8:30 p.m. Sunday , Salvatore Adamo also opened up about his state of health after Laurent Delahousse asked him why he couldn't sing in Barcelona a few days before the show. 'Because of a period when I was aphone and there it comes back slowly', then replied the singer.

However, he remains optimistic with the arrival of his album  In French Please,  which covers classic songs, Elton John to Bob Dylan via Pearl Jam. We can listen to it in duet with Jane Birkin and other surprise guests.