Salmonella in cakes: new Kinder scandal?

Oréo, Pépito, Petit scolaire, Mikado... The manufacturer of cakes and biscuits Mondelez has stopped production at its Belgian factory in Wieze because of the presence of salmonella in the cocoa of one of its suppliers.

 Salmonella in cakes: new Kinder scandal?

[Updated September 1, 2022 at 12:52 p.m.] Pepito, Granola, Trays, Little schoolboy ... Many of the flagship snack cakes are produced by the American Mondelez . informed of the presence of salmonella in a production batch of cocoa produced in the Wieze factory in Belgium, the latter stopped production there to 'a big cleaning' according RTL . The factory concerned is that of its supplier of chocolate Barry Callebaut. For now, there is no recall of products either abroad or in France. It's a precautionary measure. There is no statement from the manufacturer about the possible presence of salmonella in its cookies. Mondelez probably wishes avoid the Kinder scandal of Ferrero contaminated with salmonella which had to be withdrawn en masse from sale a few days before Easter 2022. stock ruptures are very likely, however: 'The delivery of chocolate masses by Barry Callebaut with the specifications needed to manufacture our cookies has not yet returned to normal' the group said. This back to normal is planned 'à la mi-novembre' according to Amélie Vidal-Simi, CEO of Mondelez France, interviewed by LSA Conso .

Which cakes are produced by Mondelez?

Mondelēz International is one of the world leaders in the food industry. It is the number 1 on the biscuit market in France, recalls the site France Confectionery . The group is present in 93% of French homes and on all distribution channels thanks to its emblematic brands such as LU, Milka, Belin, Côte d'Or and Hollywood and its innovations. Among the chocolate cakes potentially produced in the currently closed Belgian factory:

  • Biscuits Milka
  • Biscuits Lu: Trays, Mikado, Pepito, Little Schoolboy, Pims's
  • Prince Cakes
  • Oréo
  • Granola
  • Belvita
  • Toblerone
  • Côte d'Or

Salmonella are bacteria responsible for salmonelloses . Salmonella infections manifested by acute gastroenteritis . Evolution is generally favorable in a few days.