Saint-Priest: Human remains discovered in the pipes of a building, an open investigation

Employees of a breakdown service company made a gruesome discovery on Tuesday, January 17. Called for blocked pipes by the inhabitants of a building in Saint-Priest in the Rhône, they discovered human remains.

  Saint-Priest: Human remains discovered in the pipes of'un immeuble, une enquête ouverte

Macabre discovered in Saint-Priest. The inhabitants of a building in this town located in the Rhône, east of Lyon, called for breakdown services due to problems with the pipes, reports The Parisian . The resident on the ground floor complained that she had not been able to use her toilet since the day before. Tuesday, January 17, a company moves. The team dispatched to the site then decided to saw off the pipes. And then... what they discover is appalling.

Human remains discovered ... in a pipe of a building

In the pipes, the repairmen of the company Servimo, based in Vaulx-en-Velin, discover at first clothes, then fall on... human remains. Body parts, namely hands, a foot as well as pieces of flesh, reports Lyon Mag . Immediately, they warn the police, who go on the spot. 'The police services were required to intervene in the town of Saint-Priest following the discovery of human remains in a clogged pipe in an apartment building', Monday, January 16, at 11:40 p.m., indicates the prosecution. During their search on the spot, the police discovered an electric saw in a trash can, in front of the entrance to the building.

Suspicions of kidnapping

Le parquet de Lyon a ' immediately opened an investigation on the count of intentional homicide ' and the judicial police of Lyon are carrying out the investigations - for the time being, no one has been arrested. According to the information, the trail of kidnapping before homicide and dismemberment is considered , due to traces of ties detected at the level of the hands. A resident of the building reported that screams were heard on Sunday January 15 from an apartment in the building. Another avenue to explore. Another possibility: is the drama related to another ongoing case? So many mysteries to solve.