Sabine Paturel: what happens to the one who sang 'Les Bêtises'?

Sabine Paturel celebrates her 57th birthday on September 19, 2022. The opportunity to look back on the career of the interpreter of 'Bêtises', who also triumphed at the Theater, lived a complicated childhood, thought about motherhood, then knew the Passionate love...

  Sabine Paturel: what becomes of the one who sang"Les Bêtises" ?

With its titles Nonsense and Little Cap , the singer made an impression. After a conflict with his producer, the artist gradually left the world of song to head towards the Theater. In 2020, Sabine Paturel decides to find her first love by releasing her single Whore Of The World , in which she expresses her annoyance with ' the indifference of each other towards misery, the planet in danger and the culture that is fleeing ', according to his confidences to France Sunday . Sabine Paturel has changed a lot since the 80s... Back on his journey .

Sabine Paturel: a difficult childhood

Born September 19, 1965 in Toulon in the Var, Sabine Paturel grew up with her three sisters, raised by a violent sicilian father t. ' I had a difficult childhood, I rebelled. And my father started to notice that I was there when I had success “, she confided to Non Stop People .
Despite everything, the singer feels no resentment. ' I don't blame him because he had his problems, his anxieties. He didn't drink, but he had an easy slap “, she added of her father, who passed away in 2004.

Sabine Paturel, 'attacked' by an 'odious producer'

Music, Sabine Paturel fell in love with it at the age of 14, when she teaches herself to play the guitar . In 1985, she discovered fame and success when her first single nonsense released in France and ranked in the Top 50 for... no less than 36 weeks! Her second single, Little Cap , is also a hit.

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But a few years later, the singer is entangled in a conflict with his producer . ' After the success of the song, this producer was obnoxious. He attacked me under any pretext, he even slapped me. I was only 20, I had a nightmare. It broke me and broke in me the desire to continue recording records', she confided in Paris here.

From the microphone to the boards

After this stormy episode, she hangs up the microphone to invest the boards . ' I had a blast at the theatre. I played in plays like 'The Taming of the Shrew', 'Jeanne d'arc', 'La Reine Margot', finally absolutely golden roles “, she remembers in AmoMama .

But it wasn't until 2014 that it came out son Nouvel Album, Atmospheres , after falling in love with the song again while starring in the musical I have two words to say to you by Jean-Pierre Delage

Sabine Paturel: her marriage after 15 years of love

At the end of 15 years of love with the journalist Christian , Sabine Paturel the wife finally in 2010 . If the lovebirds waited so long before taking the plunge, it is because they did not want to abrupt r le fils de Christian , now 33, who was very young when his father divorced his mother.
' How happy I was to get married! For the first time in my life, I felt normal, it makes a strange impression. We both arrived in jeans at the town hall. We did this discreetly, with our four witnesses. It was a fairy tale, but in the head. Marriage made me happy, but it's really psychological. It's very symbolic, actually. I'm very much in love and I like the idea that we belong a little more “, rejoiced the singer in Paris here .

Why Sabine Paturel did not have children

If Sabine Paturel was delighted to be married, she never dreamed of become a mother . ' I'm far too passionate about my job to have children. And then I never wanted to. But thanks to my husband's son, I had a wonderful experience, because I realized what it was like to love a child. With him, it was a real encounter. I was even ready to let go of the profession for him, to raise him. Fortunately, his father reasoned with me' , confided the interpreter of Foolery at Paris here .

His big (and shattering) comeback

In 2020, the singer does his big comeback in music with a single with a rather... hard-hitting title, damn world .
' I am like wolves, I avoid conflicts, I prefer flight. But then, I don't know, I couldn't take it anymore. In fact, I am mad with rage . We are in an era where political correctness reigns, where we can no longer say what we think without being drowned in criticism. Coluche and Desproges would have already been hanged for a long time ', confided in 2020 Sabine Paturel to France Sunday .