Rose Laurens Died 4 Years Ago: Love, Illness, Real Name and Secrets

Rose Laurens passed away 4 years ago. The famous singer of the hit 'Africa' ​​experienced great love, international success, but also the illness of her spouse and her own. Secrets of an artist with a vibrant voice, gone too soon...

  Rose Laurens Died 4 Years Ago: Love, Illness, Real Name and Secrets

It has been 4 years since the singer Rose Laurens breathed his last. The interpreter of the tube Africa is died on April 29, 2018 at age 65 , as a result of cancer. His childhood bathed in music, his international success, his great love, his illness... Back to the amazing course of this singer with a powerful and recognizable voice among a thousand.
She was born in Paris, of parents music lovers who often take him to concerts. One evening, while she is at the Dionne Warwick concert, the young girl is captivated by her voice. ' I did not have never heard such a voice . I was fascinated “, she confided in TV 7 Days .

- She starts singing at an early age, in front of her mirror.

- At 8 years old, the budding artist wins a singing contest and earns thirty francs, which she uses to buy a Barbie doll in a blue gingham dress.

– His grandfather is a polish pianist , a native of Warsaw, whose job is to compose music to accompany the silent movies .

- His real name is Rose Double .

- After her baccalaureate, she takes Russian lessons at the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations and sells clothes to earn his bread. ' I was bored for two years “, she confided to Melody .

- In 1972, she joined the Groupe Sandrose , with whom she gave several concerts in Paris and even became the main singer. The group separates after only one year, but who cares, the artist was able to taste the joys of the stage and dip a toe in the bath of music!

– She first chooses to call herself Rose Merryl and leaves the 45 turns which do not gain much success.

- Then, she meets the composer and musician Jean Pierre Goussaud , falls under his spell and decides to collaborate with him. He becomes her friend, her mentor, her lover.

- In 1979, she took the pseudonym of Rose Laurens and begins to make himself known to the public, in particular by singing the soundtrack of the film How far is America yet? by Roger Cogio.

- One year later, Robert Hossein in person chooses her to play the role of fantine of the musical Wretched by Victor Hugo. She notably performs the famous song I dreamed of another life , later adapted into English as I Dreamed A Dream .

- 1982 is the year of success. She decides to release her first solo album, with the help of her husband Jean-Pierre Goussaud, baptized Unreasonable. The first excerpt, Africa , becomes a real tube which still resonates in our minds... It becomes n°1 in France, and wins a international success , in Austria, Norway, Spain or Germany!

- When she does first tour in Germany , Rose Laurens is amazed by the reception reserved for her. On getting off the plane, she is invaded by bouquets of flowers, photographers crowd in front of her to capture her actions and journalists rush on her to obtain at least one statement. ' I felt like I was Madonna “, she had entrusted to the microphone of Hotmixradio .

- His second album, whose lead single is We have Yoko , won less success but the public is still at the rendezvous.

- Unfortunately, his companion is diagnosed with cancer . After several years of success, Rose Laurens decides to put her career on hold in order to stay by the side of the man she loves.

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- In the 90s, Jean-Pierre Goussaud insisted: he absolutely wanted, and despite his illness, to compose an album for Rose Laurens. It's done with the opus I will never lend you , in which collaborate in particular Jean-Jacques Goldman and Francis Cabrel .

- During the preparation of the album, she asks Jean-Jacques Goldman to come and listen to the titles that his companion is writing to him. When she hears the doorbell ring, she hasn't finished putting on makeup.

' I had one eye that wasn't made up, and the other where I was putting on mascara. I open the door, mascara in hand. I see someone with a helmet and jeans, I thought that was the record company courier . I ask him, 'Yes, hello, what is it for? ?'', she began to tell in Non Stop People.

She realizes, a few seconds later, that it is Jean-Jacques Goldman in person that she comes from take for the delivery man !

- After the ultimate gift of the album, Jean-Pierre Goussaud died in 1991. Devastated, the singer almost completely ceases to perform on stage.

- In 2015, she released a novel album, A.D.N. , which she writes with none other than Pierre Palmade.

- Rose Laurens was a fan of Romy Schneider . One of his favorite films? Caesar and Rosalie , by Claude Sautet.

- She defined herself as a ' unsportsmanlike “His only physical activity was riding a bicycle.

- The last years of her life, she spends them alongside her Companion Christian Soulie .

- After her death, Rose Laurens is buried in Parisian cemetery of Bagneux .