Richard Berry, accused of incest: the investigation closed without further action

While Richard Berry was accused of 'rape, sexual assault and corruption of a minor' by Coline Berry Rojtman, the investigation was closed on August 31. Reactions to the verdict...

  Richard Berry, accused of'inceste : l'enquête classée sans suite

While Richard Berry was accused of incest by his daughter Coline Berry Rojtman, the investigation which targeted the actor was dismissed , August 31, ' due to the acquisition of the prescription of the public action ', announced the Paris prosecutor's office. The plaintiff's lawyer, Me Patrick Klugman reacted to AFP: ' Coline Berry denounced these facts knowing full well that they were time-barred, for there to be an investigation. This takes note that the facts are prescribed. So we understand that the facts are characterized, and this is what we expected '. And to conclude: ' No one will be able to say that Coline Berry is a liar anymore '.

As for Richard Berry's lawyer, Me Hervé Temime, he retorted: ' Contrary to what may have been erroneously stated, there is nothing to say that the facts are established . The prosecution did not say it and moreover did not have to say it '.

Marilou Berry defends her cousin

Marilou Berry, who has strongly supported his cousin Coline Berry-Rojtman since the filing of a complaint by the latter, explained to Gala : ' I could not do otherwise in the face of too great an injustice. His father is an extremely influential person who had, I think, power. It was unfair to leave her all alone in this shitty media trial that was done '.

Coline Berry Rojtman  accused his father sexual touching in January 2021. The facts allegedly took place when she was a child, when she was aged eight to ten years . If the facts are now prescribed, the forties had all the same lodged a complaint against his parent for ' rapes , sexual assault and corruption of minors ' . His complaint also targeted the artist Jeane Manson . At the time of the alleged events, Coline Berry Rojtman's father was married to the American singer.

'Sex games' denounced

An excerpt from the complaint Coline Berry Rojtman had been published in The world. She denounced ' sex games 'which, according to the complainant, were initiated by her father and his wife at the time.

'When the couple had custody of the children at the weekend, they would have happened, the morning after their antics, to invite them to the parental room. The complainant's father would then have offered to play the orchestra with his sexual organs and those of his partner (penis, breasts), the two adults being naked. [...] Ms. Coline Berry would therefore have been forced to put her mouth on Mr. Berry's sex, all in the presence of the other child and repeatedly “, we read in the extract of the complaint.

' He showed me how his cock could move. Of course, I was little, I was like, 'Ah, he can move his penis. Later, I understood that when a man's penis moves, it's because he's erect “, told Coline Berry Rojtman to the World .

Jeane Manson, 'horrified', denies the accusations

As for Jeane Manson , she has completely denied the charges , in particular in an audio message broadcast in the program Do not touch My TV , February 3, 2021: ' I denounce this unhealthy inquisition . It's a case between a father and a daughter who can't understand each other. It's not my story (...) I am horrified by these words because during the short time that I spent with her, at no time did I have knowledge of facts of a character incestuous from Richard's part '.

Her daughter, Shirel , was also expressed in a Facebook post; ' There were no inappropriate gestures from Richard. There was no sexual play with him and my mother. Never. No abuse, no touching, nothing. The Coline's lies are unforgivable '.

Richard Berry recognizes 'the blows'

As for Catherine Hiegel , the mother of Coline Berry Rojtman, she had entrusted to the World that Richard Berry had been an abusive husband. ' He always scared me “, she explained.

If the actor denies the incest accusations , he however confessed the ' strokes ' and the violence towards his ex-wives Catherine Hiegel and Jeane Manson, still according to the World .

Richard Berry: the 'shock' after the accusations of incest

As it concerns the accusations of incest, the actor said to himself ' shocked ' in Point . ' I am facing one of the most painful situations for a man, and for a father. “, he first said before delivering his version of the facts.

The 70-year-old actor said he had separated from the mother of his daughter , Catherine Hiegel, when she was two years old. And the breakup would have happened' in very conflicting conditions '.

He assured that after this sudden separation, he was careful to take care of her daughter on Sundays, then the weekend, with his wife at the time Jeane Manson . ' I have been a father too young, too absent , but loving, and respectful of my daughter “, he assured.

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Decades later, in 2014, Richard Berry, in a relationship with the actress Pascale Louange , announced that he was going again become pope .

'I deny these filthy accusations'

' Coline, herself pregnant, reacted with a extreme violence , then, in an e-mail sent to my wife, she for the first time alluded to the fact that she had been 'abused '', continued the one who is now father of a little Mila, 7 years old .

But the actor persists and signs: he has never been guilty of such atrocities . ' I deny with all my strength and without ambiguity these filthy accusations . I have never had inappropriate or incestuous relations with Coline or with any of my children. These allegations are false.'

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' His story has evolved over time. He was denied, renewed and enriched by it according to the interlocutors, or the news. For years I tried to talk to him, to put an end to his lies , to understand what she needed, without success. I opened up about it to psychiatrists, to my family, to my friends ', added the comedian, who donated a kidney to his sister Marie Berry in 2005, when she was in terminal renal failure and suffering from the genetic disease of Alport syndrome.

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Richard Berry, facing a 'thorough investigation'

According to the 70-year-old comedian, Coline Berry Rojtman would then ' revamped his narrative again' , After the publication of Camille Kouchner's book , The Big Family . She had filed a complaint after being in contact with several journalists.

' As soon as I learned that this legal process had been initiated, I immediately had the Paris prosecutor write to ask him, despite the prescription, that a thorough investigation be carried out for the truth to be definitively established “, had asserted the actor.

Richard Berry, also father of actress Joséphine Berry , born of his former love with Jessica Forde , assured that the rest of his family believed in his version of the facts and denied that of Coline Berry Rojtman: ' All the witnesses of the time who shared our life and our common moments are formal: none of this existed. Why does my daughter accuse me of actions that I did not commit ? Why is she going after this destructive madness? I would like to understand his suffering. I was present perhaps too little, or too late. I don't know if that can explain anything '.