Relaxing massage: what are the benefits for the back and the mind?

Composed of different maneuvers, the relaxing massage relieves tension, reduces stress and oxygenates the body. Explanations from Kristell Le Pen, training assistant for the Algotherm brand.

  Relaxing massage: what are the benefits for the back and the'esprit ?

What is a relaxing massage?

Need to let go, release tension and deeply relax? This is the objective, as its name suggests, of the relaxing massage. Thanks to a series of slow and deep maneuvers practiced on the whole body, this treatment makes it possible to evacuate certain muscular and articular tensions , to release stress and anxiety. As a result, we find a better well-being.

What are the benefits of this massage?

This massage is therefore particularly suitable for people who feel stressed and need to let go. It's an invitation to pause: ' the slowness of the movement has an immediate de-stressing effect. Everything is played in the pressure of the hand, it is the most important to promote relaxation', adds Kristell Le Pen, training assistant for the Algotherm brand. This massage therefore helps to relieve tension in the cervical and lumbar regions, ' to oxygenate the body, promote better sleep and reduce the production of stress hormones . '


What is the most relaxing massage?

Several types of massages have these relaxing virtues. The Californian massage, a classic of spas and institutes, combines different effleurage and kneading techniques and offers a real moment of relaxation. Balinese massage, with smoothing maneuvers 'is also very enveloping' according to the expert. Finally, those who want to travel even further can also opt for the Polynesian massage. The latter is carried out with the pressure of the 'Forearm. It's very enveloping and really very relaxing.'

How to do a relaxing back massage?

To properly massage the back, you must alternate the different maneuvers: effleurage, kneading and friction with 'circulatory guidance for at least 25 minutes for it to be beneficial.' A back massage should be performed over the entire area to properly relieve tension. 'If you've never had a massage, it might be interesting to start with a back massage, because that's precisely where all the stress is concentrated', emphasizes Kristell Le Pen.

How to do a complete relaxing massage?

If you are used to getting a massage, a full body treatment obviously offers better relaxation and deeper relaxation. It is thanks to different techniques that the body manages to let go. 'Several maneuvers are actually used in relaxing massage', explains Kristell Le Pen. Effleurage is a classic technique: 'we use the palms of the hands and we exert pressure on the whole body more or less supported', develops the expert. ' The idea is to follow the shape of the body with uniform movements, oriented towards the heart. ' Other techniques are also used in the relaxing massage such as kneading which 'will mobilize the muscle mass by lifting the skin to knead it ' or even the friction. For this last maneuver, ' we work full hand to heat the muscle. It's an interesting technique to release tensions', says Kristell Le Pen.

Some addresses in Paris

  • Sublime Polynesian massage treatment at the Spa Cinq Mondes Opér a

6 square de l'Opéra-Louis Jauvet, Paris 9 It is

124€/50 minutes

  • Massage Relaxant Augustinus Bader x Maison Epigenetic

4 rue du Cimarosa, Paris 16 It is

180€ / 60 minutes

  • Tailor-made relaxation at Spa Clemens

14 rue des Saints-Peres, Paris 7 It is

140€ /60 minutes

  • Relaxing massage of the sea at Villa Thalgo

8 avenue Raymond Poincaré, Paris 16 It is

128€ /50 minutes

  • Breton wave treatment by Yves Rocher

Several addresses in Paris

65€/ 60 minutes

Thanks to Kristell Le Pen, Algotherm brand training assistant.Source